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Overall dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 5380x1880x2285
Wheelbase (mm) 3110
Seating capacity (persons) 13
Fuel tank capacity (L) 70
Clutch single disc, hydraulic control
Tires 195R15C radial tire
Model 4RB2 3TZ DK4B1 DK5B
Fuel type Gasoline engine Diesel engine

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Wheelchair Minibus For Sale is Customize minibus. It is also know as medical transport van. All our minibus can customize according to your request. Our factory can Support large quantity wholesale booking. Welcome your inquiry.

Wheelchair Minibus Price

The cost is around $30,000 to $40,000 based on different configurations.

Minibus VS Van

Please kindly notice that all the modes of minibus can be customize to minivan. Exterior, window, and seat number can customize. Normally the parameter and configuration of van and minibus are the same and are adjustable. For details Please kindly contact with our sales.

J6 minibus can be customize with wheelchair for disabled people.

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Wheelchair Minibus vehicles For Sale Pictures

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Compared with ordinary family cars, barrier-free cars, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale, have only become familiar to the public in recent years. They mainly refer to vehicles in which wheelchairs for people with disabilities can directly get on and off, so they are also called barrier-free cars. such as wheelchair accessible van for sale.

1. The history of wheelchair accessible van.

In fact, the so-called wheelchair accessible car, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale or minibus, is not a Japanese patent. The developed countries in Europe and the United States paid attention to the barrier-free environment earlier than Japan. As early as the 1950s just after World War II, Europe, and the United States have begun to develop convenient devices for disabled people to ride in cars. As the economy took off, Japan also began to pay attention to the development of barrier-free environments. According to reports, Japan’s first accessible car appeared in Machida City, Tokyo: In 1972. It is an accessible bus jointly developed by Machida City and a well-known brand car company was officially put into operation. A wheelchair lifting platform was then make it easier for people in wheelchairs to go to the hospital.

2. Japan’s barrier-free vehicle developed because of more and more elderly people.

Since the 1980s, Japan’s barrier-free environment has developed significantly, not only to take care of the disabled, but another important reason is that the aging population continues to increase more and more elderly people with limited mobility also need convenient barrier-free environments.

On the one hand, for the disabled to be able to participate in social life and employment, on the other hand for the convenience of the elderly, the design and manufacturing level of barrier-free cars, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale, has been developed with the improvement of the entire barrier-free environment.

In European and American countries, vans (vans, MPVs) are the main barrier-free cars. Van, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale or MPV is very suitable for use as a barrier-free vehicle because of its high space convenience. There are also many MPV barrier-free vehicles in Japan.

However, compared to European and American countries, the “diversity” of Japanese accessible vehicles is much richer. In addition to MPVs, Japanese cars, SUVs, and even small K-Cars will be transformed into barrier-free vehicles. Vehicles that appears on the streets of Japan have their own accessible versions (even some sports cars).

3. Two types of wheelchair accessible van for sale

Accessible cars, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale, can be divided into two types: “self-driving” and “caring”. “Self-driving” is a vehicle for people with physical disabilities. While “caring” is a vehicle mainly for transport people with physical disabilities.

For people with physical disabilities, the most difficult part of the ride is getting on and off the ca. Also the facilities of the nursing welfare car are basically for this process. The easiest way is to install a swivel seat for the co-pilot, which is a swivel sliding seat car. In addition, there are also seat lift trucks (the front passenger seat. And the rear seat are rotated to the outside and then lowered to a lower position. It can be easily moved from the wheelchair to the inside of the car), slope-shaped or electric wheelchair lifting devices (which can directly Ride in a wheelchair).

In addition, as welfare vehicles for public transportation departments there are “low-floor buses” and “buses with lifting devices”. There are no steps in these vehicles. Wheelchairs can get on and off directly, and wheelchairs can park. Dedicated location.

4. Self-driving barrier-free vehicles

Self-driving barrier-free cars, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale, are for helping people with disabilities get the convenience of driving. According to the physical condition of the disabled, there are multiple categories. Such as lower limb disability and upper limb disability.

Common self-driving barrier-free vehicles, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale, are for driving with lower limb disabilities. There are two types: single lower limb disabilities and double lower limb disabilities. Disability of single lower limb mainly refers to the disability of right lower limb.

At this time, only one auxiliary pedal is accesible so that the left foot can step on the accelerator; for double lower limb disabilities, auxiliary joysticks need to be installed. Use the joystick to control the accelerator and brake, because the right hand cannot leave the steering wheel The left hand cannot leave the joystick on the auxiliary wheel. So commonly used switches such as headlights and turn signals are generally integrated on the joystick.

Drivers with upper limb disabilities are mostly able to use only one-hand. In this case, they only need to install an auxiliary ball on the steering wheel. And then add an auxiliary link to the lever far away from the main hand. Of course, there will be some other situations in reality. The above just lists the more common ways of assisted driving for disabled cars.

With the continuous improvement of economic and living standards, my country’s barrier-free cause is booming. Accessible cars, such as wheelchair accessible van for sale, are not only increasingly popular in medical institutions and the elderly care industry. But also gradually enter the homes of ordinary users, solving the travel problems for more and more people with mobility impairments.

With the development of minibus nowadays, the application became more and more widely. The usage of the minibus is separating into very detailed species. Such as the wheelchair minibus for the disabled person. This is very helpful for solving the inconvenience of moving for a person with disabilities. KINGSTAR has the Wheelchair Minibus For Sale which is especially for helping people with disabilities.

According to the purpose of Article 1 of CRPD of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it is defined as a person with long-term physical, speech, hearing, mental, intellectual, or multiple impairments, which interact with various obstacles that may prevent a person with a disability from participating fully and effectively in society on an equal basis as a healthy person.

Wheelchair Minibus For Sale

According to the total population of China in the six national population census and the proportion of disabled persons in the total population and the proportion of disabled persons in the total number of disabled persons in the second national sample survey, the total number of disabled persons in China was calculated to be 85.02 million by the end of 2010. The data will be updated in 2021 soon. Among the data, physically disabled is 24.72 million persons.

Wheelchair Minibus helps the disabled person solve this problem.

Have you seen this situation before? Family members helping one of the members who are disabled to get on the vehicle, at least two or more people to carry the disabled person to get on the vehicle which is quite tough and everyone must be very careful about this. At that very moment, how desire the disabled person wants to walk on the vehicle by himself. Someone even doesn’t leave the house because they worried about the troubles they bring to family members. It is said that they will lose a lot of fun though.

After I saw this wheelchair minibus for sale, I knew all these issues solved. You may go with your family, or friend or anywhere that you want. You can get on the vehicle all by yourself.

Today I am going to introduce all the details about this minibus.

Wheelchair Minibus For Sale

From the exterior, you may find there is no difference between this wheelchair minibus for sale with another minibus. Actually no, inside the vehicle we got everything. The slogan of this minibus is “Get comfortable with a new way of thinking”. This minibus has to lead the trend of the global multi-purpose commercial vehicles market. This minibus with more capacious space, fire-new appearance, rational structure, reliable safety and human-oriented design. Now, let’s take a look of all the surprising details.

For this minibus, we have two types, one is 5.4m with 14-16 seats, another one is 6m with 16-20 seats.

1. The exterior of the wheelchair minibus for sale.

With a generous appearance, as well as the perfect balance between a fashionable high roof and super wide body, has created its unique commercial model and a mighty sense of vision.

2. The interior of the wheelchair minibus for sale

Thoughtful features make driving easier and more comfortable

The bus features comfortable seating, conveniently located switches and daily, easy-to-see meter, ample storage space, all details design of the minibus driving easier and more pleasant.                                    

Seats arrangements:

We have several seats arrangement of these two types wheelchair minibus for sale, below for your reference.

5.4m wheelchair minibus for sale

6m wheelchair minibus for sale

3. The safety of the wheelchair minibus for sale

Safety is always the priority when driving a vehicle. For the safety of this minibus, we equipped crumple zone construction, side-impact beams on the door, anti-sliding door lock, high tension strengthened steel plate, energy-absorbing type steering column, energy-absorbing type brake pedal. ABS + EBD is also a must on this wheelchair minibus for sale. This is an anti-locking braking system that shall keep wheels from locking when braking or realize max brake effect. EBD (electronic brake force distribution) shall automatically detect loading of front and rear wheels and running speed difference., and distribute braking force among the wheels reasonably. Below pictures could make you understand it clearly.

And we have initiative vacuum booster equipped on this wheelchair minibus for sale.

Initiative vacuum booster which only equipped on luxury sedan cars usually, will automatically read emergency braking action, provide bigger braking force and effectively shorten the brake distance.

4. The engine of the wheelchair minibus for sale

We have different engines for these two types wheelchair minibus for sale.

For model J5 the minibus, we have four engines, two fuel types of gasoline and diesel, details please refer to below:

For model J6 the wheelchair minibus for sale, we have three engines, fuel type is gasoline and diesel also, below chart will show you clearly about the parameter:

5. How to get on the wheelchair minibus for sale by yourself?

As you can see, this minibus is a quite humanization design minibus. There is a button inside the minibus, you can just press the wheelchair lift button, the lift will be down to the floor, and a disabled person could be stepped on the minibus by himself. The loading weight will be limited by 350kg.

This is really a good news for those people whom really need it.

For more detail you want to know about this minibus, please feel free to contact us!

KINGSTAR will always reply your enquiry within 24hours.

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