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We could see ambulance minibus very often in our daily life. How much do you know about the ambulance minibus? Generally speaking, ambulances can be divided into two types according to the required functions: type of transport ambulances and type of ward ambulances.

There are no differences for these two types of ambulances in the chassis, engine, and body configuration. The main difference between the two types of ambulances is the ambulance compartment.

Ambulance Minibus

The functions of ambulance minibuses

The functions of the medial compartment are divided according to the purpose of the ambulance. According to the different diseases of the patients, the ambulances are divided into four types. There are A-type ordinary, B-type rescue and monitoring, C-type protective monitoring, and D-type special purpose.

What KINGSTAR can do for you on an ambulance minibus?

KINGSTAR’s factory can customize and upgrade the medical equipment for the small minibus ambulance according to the needs of customers. The interiors are made of polymer composite materials, which are strong in strength, anti-corrosion, impact resistance, and anti-ultraviolet. The small minibus ambulance has characteristics of anti-bacterial, flame-retardant. The shape of the small minibus ambulance is simple but good looking with smooth lines, the internal space is large and the layout is very reasonable, which effectively guarantees every detail required in the rescue process.

Three types of ambulance minibuses

We have different types of ambulance minibus, basic types, ICU type,s and ward type. And the equipment of each type is also different. Below are pictures for your reference:

This is one of our hot sale model J5 of 5.4m ambulance vehicle. Below main technical parameters of the ambulance for your reference:

Overall Length*width*height(mm):5380*1880*2440


Max. speed:≥130km/h

Fuel tank capacity:70L

Seat capacity: standard 6seats,(5-7 seats for option)

Engine model:4RB2


Rated output(kw/rpm):102/4600-5000

Max. torque(N.m/rpm):217/2600-3200

Emission: Euro-III

Chassis information is below for your reference:

Clutch: single disc, hydraulic control

Transmission: manual 5 speeds, flexible shaft control

Rear-axle: monolithic pressing axle housing

Tire:195R15C radial tire

Brake system: disc/ drum, ABS+EBD, Initiative vacuum booster

Suspension: double-wishbone independent suspension/ variable-rate leaf spring

Power steering

Muffler: TWC, two-stage muffler

These three types of ambulance minibuses are our hot sale models. For more detailed information about the ambulance minibus, please feel free to contact KINGSTAR.



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