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The modern automobile industry has the world, is the development of the comprehensive industry. And the competition of special vehicle is more and more fierce.

The development of the automobile industry is inevitable of economic and social development and economic and social development. At the same time, constantly put forward new requirements for the use of the automobile function. So that the automobile in the social goods, information, personnel three dredges play an important role.

With the development of the economy, the requirements for various functions, and performance of automobile transportation vehicles are getting higher and higher. The requirements for the quality of transportation services, diversification, and individualization of transportation services are getting stronger and stronger, thus promoting the rapid development of special purpose vehicles.

Special Vehicle

China’s special purpose vehicle industry started late, special purpose vehicles in the civilian car occupancy only about 5%.

In truck occupancy only about 40%, economically developed countries for more than 80%, some as high as more than 90%. However, in recent ten years, China’s special purpose vehicle industry has developed rapidly. Especially since entering the 21st century, the annual growth rate has reached 20%-30%, which has a considerable scale and level. The special purpose vehicles by 1999 has more than 200 kinds, 1337 varieties to the present more than 5000 varieties (foreign development to more than 9000 varieties).

As part of China’s special purpose vehicle design reliable, moderate performance. The price is low, the technical quality and the technical level of its products are close to or reach the international advanced level. Therefore, it has certain competitiveness in the international market. In conclusion, why the special purpose vehicle develops so fast? It is due to it cannot be separated from its great role in social development and the national economy.

1) Special-purpose vehicles can improve the efficiency of automobile transportation and reduce transportation costs.

The special purpose vehicle is an effective tool to give full play to the transportation capacity of the vehicle. To improve the load rate, reduce the storage cost, reduce transportation costs, and achieve the best economic benefits. For example, a semitrailer with the same axle load can carry twice as much load as an ordinary truck.

2) Special-purpose vehicles can ensure the quality of cargo transportation, reduce cargo loss and damage.

The nature and physical state of the goods are very different, the use of ordinary trucks to transport. Some of the goods in the process of transportation may be rotten, And some goods in the process of transportation easy to damage and loss. Such as refrigerated transport vehicles greatly promoted the circulation and development of fruits, meat, fish, fresh eggs, and so on.

3) Special vehicles can save packaging, shorten loading and unloading time, reduce labor consumption.

Special purpose vehicle transportation can reduce the packaging process of goods, thus saving packaging materials and labor. The loading and unloading mechanization degree of special purpose vehicles is high. It can reduce labor consumption in loading and unloading, and shortens the loading and unloading time. Its economic and social benefits are quite amazing. As bulk cement trucks both save packaging and greatly reduce the labor force.

4) Special-purpose vehicles can improve the safety of cargo transportation and reduce environmental pollution.

Many inflammable, explosive, easily corroded, easy to cause environmental pollution, toxic and other items must be equipped with special containers. And equipment of special vehicles to ensure their transport safety, to avoid pollution of the environment.

5) Special-purpose vehicles can expand the function of the automobile and promote the development of the automobile industry.

Special purpose vehicles can complete the ordinary car, and even railway, water transport can not complete the cargo transport. Special purpose vehicle makes the packaging of transport goods simple. Mechanization of loading and unloading, and may complete the transportation and operation under certain specific conditions. To expand the scope of automobile usages; promote the scope of automobile use; and promote the further development of automobile structure.



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