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Minivan/2-5 seater minivan/

Small Electric Cargo Van for Sale Price – Wholesale from Manufacturer eJ5– KINGSTAR

Length*width*height (mm) : 5380*1880*2320
Wheelbase (mm) : 3110
Seats : 13
Battery brand: EVE
Battery type: LiFePO4 battery(LFP battery)
Battery Capacity(kWh): 86.1
Battery management system: Intelligent centralized management system

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We are manufacturer for cargo van for sale. If you are the distributor who want to buy cargo van in large quantity, Please contact with us.

J5 is available for both gasoline/petrol and electric type.

Electric Cargo Van for sale Pictures

Price Discount for Large Quantity:

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VC4 small cargo van for sale


Most of our modes can be customized for various applications: Such as Ambulance minibus, wheel chair minibus, School bus, (Kindergarten School bus &Primary school bus), city minibus, camper van, passenger coach bus, truck van, light truck, wedding bus, SHUTTLE minibus, Self drive minibus, party minibus, Luxury Mini Coach, Prison car, Mail Car, Police Car, Military, Tourist minibus and so on.

Popular mini Electric Cargo Van for Sale Modes:

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Cargo Van for sale Price EJ5:

PictureDescriptionFOB YANGZHOU (In USD)-base on loading by container
 Electric minibus Cargo Van eJ5-minibus small13 seats minibus
Battery type: LFP
Battery brand: EVE
Voyage course NEDC: 400km
DC fast charging + Slow charging
$30,000~40,000 (LHD & RHD)
 Electric minibus Cargo Van eJ5-minivan small2 seats cargo van Battery type: LFP
Battery brand: EVE
Endurance: 370km
DC fast charging + Slow charging
$30,000~40,000 (LHD & RHD)


Within 65 days.

Loading capacity:

By Ro-Ro vessel shipment.


If shipment is from Shanghai port by Ro-Ro vessel, there will be an extra cost USD317 per unit inland freight.


Battery, motor and electric control system for 5 years or 150,000km, whichever occurs first. The details are refers to the Warranty and Service Manual of factory.

How to play order

  1. Send us Inquiry: Which mode of vehicle you want to buy? Or give a rough idea such as length or how many seater you want, or diesel , petrol, electric… Which market are you in? We will recommend the right mode to you.
  2. Negotiate with our Sales about details
  3. Sample Car confirmed: We can support 1 car sample customization. Some modes MOQ 10 units or 25 units, it depends on different modes.
  4. Place order and arrange deposit: Some countries we can support L/C, normally we recommend 30% T/T deposit and balance 70% pay before shipment.
  5. Mass Production: Mass production special requirement checklist will be confirmed before load long term open order.
  6. Arrange the Balance
  7. Delivery
  8. Received


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Basic Parameters:

5380×1880×22853110 2/3
Battery typeRated Voltage(V)Battery capacity(kWh)Motor rated power/peak power(kW)Motor Rated toruqe/ peak torque (N.m)Battery management system
LFP36086.150/100159/320 Intelligent centralize manage system
Endurance(km)Steering systemTireSuspension Suspension Brake system
370Hydraulic power assisted215/75R16CFront double wishbone independent suspension, rear variablerate leaf spring Front disc/rear drum, Initiative vacuum booster, ABS+EBD

Equipments: Functional parts

Chromed power wing mirror   Power driver & co-driver window Front & rear washerRemote key, remote control center door lockVisor (with mirror)Rear reverse radar  
Anti-glare inner rear view mirrorIntermittent front wiper, rear wiperRear electric defroster Tiltable steering wheelHigh mount brake lamp 


Manual sliding door White side window glassesChromed grill
UV-locking glasses (driver & co-driver)Combination lampPlain paint (White&light tan)


Luxury dashboardSliding driver & co-driver seat  PVC floor        Luxury all-in-one PVC roof Front and rear independent A/C Glove box between driver & co-driver Plasma air cleaner 
Sliding door step  Independent passenger seat with adjustable backrest,Independent seat beltLuxury side panel Front heater(including defroster),rear heater Spray type roof ventsMP5,6 Speakers Dark grey interior

What is minivan?

2020 minivans for sale are an advocate natural, keen on tourism human-derived under the wave of car-derived models. Compared with the MPV and SUV, the purchase price and cost are low and have a more dexterous body, easy to drive and park. Therefore, in the economically developed countries (especially in Europe) plays an important role in the life of the people.

Brief introduction of minivan

Minivan on the international referred to as the –K-type car, its initial style, is the rear of the three-van car with a roof. In order to increase the storage space, so that it is more suitable for travel, such as travel car and etc.

The characteristics of the 2020 minivans for sale from KINGSTAR

① Super luggage space

② Same comfortability with sedan

The development history of 2020 minivans for sale from KINGSTAR

Recalling the development mileage of minivans in China. The first thing that comes into our mind should be the well-known “V” brand car. At that time, a large number of vehicles were used as police vehicles, while a small number of civilian vehicles were also used as passenger and cargo vehicles by the owners. Passengers in front and goods in the rear of the minivan, it is an “antique car” now. It only introduced the station wagon to China but not the concept of car travel.

After that, Guangzhou city in China also produced a batch of 505 station wagons. Now this car is rarely seen in the street.

Time flies to 2001, the name of the station wagon was introduced to China. To enter the station wagon market, Nanjing city published a station wagon. Strictly, it is not a station wagon or minivan, it is more tend to “RV”. More tend to casual and family.


At present, with the new situation that the “Three Guarantees” period of vehicles is about to expire in batches. How to realize the close connection between service and customers? How to promote the mutual promotion between income generation and development has become an urgent problem to be solved? After-sales service department led a group of people to assess the situation, comprehensively study and judge, so to set the idea of “grasping the window to improve quality and building a reputation to win customers”. It is pointed out the breakthrough direction for the next stage of work.  First, let’s talk about the changes, one of the after-sales service stations, including service, standard, and skill.

7 seater minivan

Firstly, service is the awareness of product re-promotion, which has been enhanced.

After-sales service relates to and supports sales.  After-sales service is better, which is more conducive to the promotion of vehicle sales. Based on this depth of understanding can there be a comprehensive change in service.  This service station takes advantage of the morning meeting, pays attention to inculcating and training all service personnel. Correcting those random and cold bad services in the past. So allows standardized and warm-hearted services to infiltrate into all work.  Reception at the front desk, there is a temperature for speech.  Maintenance guarantee, the operation is much more careful.  After settlement and delivery, customers complain less.   the customer really shows that the service has really improved.  After a short week’s efforts and customer feedback, the service staff deeply realized. Good service for 7 seater minivan and other models will bring good returns. The phenomenon of passive change is transforming into active education.

Secondly, the standard is the promotion of image sublimation, strengthened.

Orderly, clean, and comfortable are not only convenient for work but also creates a beautiful working environment for employees. It can more intuitively publicize the image of after-sales service.  

For a long time, we have had no requirement on the appearance and manners of the service personnel. This negligence has also caused everyone to immerse themselves in various tasks unnaturally, and the overall image has declined.  After that, according to the functional division, the service station has been comprehensively arranged and standardized. Such as the reception area, customer rest area, maintenance area, and parts warehouse for 7 seater minivan and other types.  

The standard for placing items on the table has been established. The warehouse accounts have been checked. The rest conditions of the customers are good, and personal instruments and equipment have been completed. Uniform blue half-sleeve jacket and uniform black insulated leather shoes. Uniform wireless headset intercom and subtle changes in every corner make it refreshing.  In particular, the functional equipment of the car washing area has been added. Every customer’s vehicle entering the station is cleaned free of charge. These changes have greatly improved the service image.

Thirdly, skills are the guarantee of comprehensive re-development, which is urgent.

The focus of maintenance is to “repair a car, repair a good car”.  At present, a large part of the new energy vehicles produced in the early stage has failed. Maintenance should be based on itself.  This is an urgent problem before us. How to solve it? It must be fully prepared in advance. The sense of urgency exists unconsciously in the minds of maintenance personnel.  

In view of this situation, this service station adopts the methods is promoting improvement with the old; seeking guidance for difficult diseases; assessing subsidies for upgrading and adjusting gears”.  On the one hand, it pays attention to its own study and research. On the other hand, it coordinates the technical office to provide regular technical training. Ensuring the follow-up guarantee: “don’t scratch your head” in the face of faults. “can’t run away” when customers come, thus providing a strong guarantee for the development of the automobile sector. After-sales service for 7 seater minivan and other minibus is long-term, lasting work, it must be persevered and persisted.  

We will continue to carry forward the spirit of “nailing”. Digging deep into the problems and shortcomings and provide a strong guarantee for the all-round development of our factory.

Shipment Picture

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