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The great advantages and the global trend of EV minibus

1. Why choose ev minibus?

The advantages of EV minibus are zero-emission, low noise, and could cost-saving.

On 21st December 2010, the Seoul government announced began the commercial operation of the eco-friendly full-size electric bus at Nanshan road. This is the first time the electric bus has been put into commercial operation in the world.

Since signing an agreement to develop electric buses in September 2009, the Seoul municipal government has spent a year and a half developing a full-size electric bus project using local technology.

The city claims that the electric bus not only improved the air condition in the city but also lead to large-scale electric vehicle technology in the global electric vehicle market.

2. The characteristics of the EV minibus

The length of the EV minibus used on the Nanshan road is 11.05m, the charge per range is 83 kilometers. It could be full charged within 30 minutes if using fast charging. The maximum speed of the EV minibus is 100 kilometers. With a low floor and a 322 horsepower engine. It adopted high-performance lithium-ion batteries and an energy-efficient system that captures and recycles energy generated by braking when going downhill.

The body of the EV minibus made of carbon composite material rather than steel, which greatly reduces the weight of the vehicle but increased its durability. The EV minibus is also equipped with an automatic inclined plate for wheelchair users. The bus shaped like a peanut and is decorated with designs that symbolize the Nanshan Pagoda and the scenery of Nanshan.

Seoul government replaced 5unit bus on Nanshan road. The government planning to replace all 14unit buses gradually. Minimize any inconvenience that may be caused to the public by the replacement of new buses. The government also increased the charging station from two to four.

3. The structure of EV minibus

The structure of the EV minibus is roughly the same as an electric car. It was composed of six parts: chassis, body, battery pack, motor, controller, and auxiliary battery. Because of the good traction characteristics of the motor, therefore, the battery car transmission system does not need a clutch and transmission. The speed control can be realized by the controller changing the speed of the motor through the speed regulations system. 

4. The advantages of EV minibus

With the advantages of economical, practical, convenient, and popular. The EV minibus basically zeroes emission during driving. The energy utilization efficiency is high and energy diversification can be realized. Discharge less waste heat. And due to the small motor, it can be arranged in many parts of the body. So as to achieve different body structures, to meet the new user requirements and appearance requirements. The traditional bus could not meet these requirements due to engine limitations.

The city government believes the electric bus service is a step forward in Seoul’s goal of becoming a “green car, smart city”. The Seoul city government has set a goal of putting 120,000 electric vehicles in use by 2020. Which 50 percent of all public transportation, 10 percent of cars, and 1 percent of trucks and vans. This news we saw from the internet, we believe the government already realized it.  

5. EV minibus from KINGSTAR

More and more clients send us inquiries of the EV minibus, EV cargo van, EV SUV, and so on. Today I am going to share our EV minibus with you.

EV minibus

5.1 The characteristics of the EVF4 EV minibus

a German standard manufacturing concept, first-class production lines, and technology result in a superior quality product.

b Equipped with a new generation advanced VVT engine, high horsepower with low fuel consumption.

c 4.5 m³ interior volume, 690 kg load capacity, which is superior to this vehicle segment.

d FQTS full-side safety protection, first-time pass of the crash test.

5.2 The specifications of the EV minibus

The dimension of the EV minibus is 4,071 * 1,677 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 2,700mm. The seating capacity of the minibus is 7-8 seats. The total battery storage is 21.8kwh, the max speed of the minibus is ≥70. The energy density of the battery system is ≥125Wh/kg. The max range of pure electricity is ≥150km, VMAs. The 60km per hour constant speed range is ≥166km. We have fast and slow charging time, the slow charge 6h (20% – 100%), the fast charge 45min (20% – 80%). The battery type is LFP, moto type is permanent magnet synchronous.

5.3 The extended edition of EVF4

Except for this EV minibus, we have another model called EVF5, it is the extended edition of EVF4. The dimension of EVF5 is 4,421 * 1,67 * 1,902mm, from the dimension you can tell that the width and height are the same but the length is longer than EVF4 with more seat capacity. The maximum of EVF5 could be 11 seats. The total battery storage is 41.86kwh, the max speed of the minibus is ≥80. The slope climbing requirement is ≥20. The energy density of the battery system is ≥125 wh/kg, the max range of pure electricity is ≥280km, VMAs. We also have two charging types for this minibus, a fast charge of 20% – 80% is 45 minutes, a slow charge of 20% – 100% is 11-12 hours. The battery type and motor type are the same as EVF4.

Different storage of the battery, the max range of pure electricity and constant speed range will be different, also the charging time.

Besides EV minibus, we also have electric panel van, electric SUV, electric cargo van, etc.,

For those vehicles you didn’t see from the above-mentioned list, please feel free to contact us. We could accept OEM service, logo modification, customized features and etc.



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