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Electric small work van was exported to Nigeria

Do you know Nigeria?  Our Y6 electric small work van was exported to there.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is an ancient country in Africa.

It is the most ethnic African country. And it is also the largest economy in Africa; the largest oil producer in Africa and the sixth-largest oil exporter in the world. It is also a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).  The political situation has basically remained stable. And social development has been generally stable since the implementation of democratically elected politicians.

small work van

As of 2014, Nigeria’s highways totaled 193,200 kilometers, of which highways were 59,000 kilometers. A transportation network connecting the capital Abuja and state capitals has basically been formed. It is with a utilization rate of over 90%. Road transport accounted for 93% of domestic freight and 96% of passenger volume.  So the demand for vehicles is big, such as small work van.

small work van

As of 2014, the total length of Nigeria’s inland waterways is 3,000 kilometers. And the Benue River and Niger River are mainly responsible for the inland waterway. There are 11 seaports across the country with a total throughput of 32 million tons. Nigeria has a marine transportation fleet of 10 ships with a total tonnage of 442,000 tons. In 2001, the ocean traffic (excluding oil) was 30.23 million tons.  The main ports are Lagos, Apapa, Dinkan, Coco, Warri, Harcourt, Calabar, and Sapelle. Among which Lagos port imports goods, such as small Work van is the most.     

Recently, our Y6 Electric minivan exported 4 units to Nigeria.  

 This is the first time for our factory to export electric vehicles to Nigeria.  At the same time, it also became the first domestic company to export electric vehicle products to Nigeria.

Our factory and local strategic partners have been deeply involved in the Nigerian commercial vehicle market. And have held product promotion conferences to promote the company’s products. Our factory has become a well-known local car brand and has received extensive attention from all walks of life. Up to now, Nigeria has more than 400 petrol-type large VAN, including small work van in operation.  The export of electric small work van for the first time is a new attempt for the local market and is of great significance to local market development. 

The electric small work van exported this time is equipped with motors of well-known domestic brands. The peak torque can reach 160kW, the battery capacity is 205Ah. Also, the mileage under comprehensive road conditions can reach 300KM. It can effectively guarantee the travel distance and meet the needs of customers as a logistics vehicle in the local urban area demand.  



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