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Range 400km/h Solar Electric Vehicle for Sale Price E7 2022- Wholesale – KINGSTAR

Body size:L*W*H (mm) 3480*1570*1550
Wheel Base (mm) 2300
Front and back Wheel Track (mm) 1360/1350
ECO range(km) 130-150 180-200 280-300 360-400
maximum speed(km/h) 70KM 100KM
Maximum range ( km ) 110-130 140-150 220-240 320-340
Peak power (KW) 10KW 15KW
Motor type AC
Driving type RWD

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5 Seater Electric Vehicle for Sale Price E7:

The cost of E7 with ESP/ESC is around $ 6,000~10,000. E7 solar electric vehicle integrates top-level technology, accumulates and makes progress, and integrates new energy technology.

5 Seats Solar Electric Vehicle for Sale Price E7 Pictures




Basic Specification

VersionStandard VersionUpdated VersionFlagship Version
Model NO.:E7-AE7-BE7-CE7-DE7-EE7-F
Body size:L*W*H (mm)3480*1570*15503480*1570*15503480*1570*15503480*1570*15503480*1570*15503480*1570*1550
Wheel Base (mm)230023002300230023002300
Wheel Track (mm)1360/13501360/13501360/13501360/13501360/13501360/1350
Climbing angle(Degree)≤30-35≤30-35≤35-40≤35-40≤40-45≤40-45
Ground clearance (mm)230230230230230230
ECO speed404040404040
ECO range(km/h)120-140130-150180-200240-260280-300360-400
Maximum speed(km/h)50-5550-5555-6055-6065-7075-80
Maximum range ( km )100-120110-130140-160180-200220-240260-300


Model NO.:VersionStandard VersionUpdated VersionFlagship Version
 Model NO.:E7-AE7-BE7-CE7-DE7-EE7-F
MotorMotor power (KW)4 5 7.510
Motor typeMotor ACMotor ACMotor ACMotor ACMotor ACMotor AC
Peak torque (N.m)81.881.8108108132156
VCU (V)727272727272

Solar power system

VersionStandard VersionUpdated VersionFlagship Version
Model NO.:E7-AE7-BE7-CE7-DE7-EE7-F
Solar type  Flexible monocrystalline silicon Flexible monocrystalline silicon Flexible monocrystalline silicon Flexible monocrystalline silicon Flexible monocrystalline silicon Flexible monocrystalline silicon
Solar panel power (W)300300300300300300
Output voltage (V)727272727272


VersionStandard VersionUpdated VersionFlagship Version
Model NO.:E7-AE7-BE7-CE7-DE7-EE7-F
BatteryMF batteryLi batteryLi batteryLi batteryLi batteryLi battery
Battery capacity100120160240AH240AH320AH
Number of battery611111
Battery Lift  (DOD80%)600-8001800-2000 1800-20001800-20001800-20001800-2000
Normal Charge Times(HR)8~106~76~76~76~76~7
Input Voltage (VAC)220±15%220±15%220±15%220±15%220±15%220±15%
Output current (ADC)161625353550

Chasis & Steering

Gear number4(E/D/N/R)
Gearbox typeFixed gear ratio
Front suspension typeMcPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension typeRigid axle suspension
Body typeUnibody

Wheel& Brake

VersionStandard VersionUpdated VersionFlagship Version
Model NO.:E7-AE7-BE7-CE7-DE7-EE7-F
Front brake typeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brakeDisc brake
Rear brake typeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brake
Parking brake typeHand brakeHand brakeHand brakeHand brakeHand brakeHand brake
Tire size155/65R13155/65R13155/65R13155/65R13155/65R13155/65R13
Wheel hub typeAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloy

What is Solar Electric Car:

Solar electric Car is a kind of zero-emission vehicles. It is Based on flexible and efficient solar cell chip technology and components, under certain lighting conditions, through the photoelectric conversion system, battery energy storage system and intelligent control system and other precise control management system, the solar energy as the main driving force.

Solar Controller:

MPPT: (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller can detect the solar panel power generation voltage in real time, and track the highest voltage current value (VI). So that, the system can charge the battery at the maximum power output.

5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -Driving&parking condition
5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -Driving&parking condition

Parking and Driving Condition

As PR performance tested shown in picture, 9:00 AM PR performance is 91%, 12:00AM PR performance is 100% ; while 17:00PM, PR performance is 95%.

Reduce motor load wear improve vehicle climbing performance



  • Perfect integrate with Hatchback, leading the evolution of new energy vehicles and creating an outstanding mileage.
  • Electricity can be generated as long as there is sunlight.
  • Whether you are driving or parking, solar panel will continue charge the battery adding more range.
  • Attractive appearance conquer pride with charm.


Safety Configuration& Driving Assistance

Hill-start Assist Control
Lock brake systemCombined Braking SystemCombined Braking SystemCombined Braking System
Brake assist systemVacuum hydraulic typeVacuum hydraulic typeVacuum hydraulic type
Rear View Camera
Safety BeltFront/ RearFront/ RearFront/ Rear
Anti-collision bufferFront/ RearFront/ RearFront/ Rear
Side impact beam
BumperFront/ RearFront/ RearFront/ Rear
Danger alarm
Handbrake power off
Auto power off fully charge
Overvoltage protection
Under-voltage protection
Over current protection
Overheat protection
Photoelectric complementary charging
Charging temperature compensation
Charging leakage protection
Output short circuit protection
Warning horn
Electric power window
Rearview mirrorfoldingfoldingfolding
Central lock
Remote key
Window lockMaster Switch ( one key control)Master Switch ( one key control)Master Switch ( one key control)
Door lockMaster Switch ( one key control)Master Switch ( one key control)Master Switch ( one key control)
Child lock

Interior Collocation

Front seats headrest
Inner mirror
Room lamp
High/low speed mode
Steering wheel materialABSABSABS
LCD panel
Real-time status
Seat materialFabric seatFabric seatFabric seat
Front seats adjustable
Rear seats removable
Big angle door open
Warm air glass defrosting
Sun shield
Cup holder

Lamp configuration

Daytime running lamps
Steering lamp
Clearance lamp
Reversing light
Combination headlight
Combination tail lamp
Light combination switch

Multimedia                   & Air-conditioning

Color touch screen
Android 8.1 GO
Local Video player
Local music player
Phone charging interface
Google Maps
GPS navigation
Bluetooth music/ phone
Mobile Internet
Mobile’s WIFI
APP store
External power supply
Sound condition
YOUTUBE internet video
45 menu operating languages

Remark: ““Available ”  “” Options “” Not Available

5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -battery
5 Seater Solar Electric Transportation Car -battery

Extend battery life

Through continuous power supply every day,the solar energy system keeps the battery
in a shallow cycle state for a long time so as to eliminate the phenomena of self
discharging, plate vulcanization power loss, etc.


The energy braking recovery device with intelligent controller as the core realizes efficient feedback of braking energy, effectively saves energy, reduces the battery cost, and the cost per kilometer is less than 1 cent. which greatly saves the vehicle cost

Packing and Shipping

5 seats high speed Solar Electric Car ERF7 - Packing and shipping

Factory Production Line

Solar electric car factory production line
Solar electric car factory production line

Customer Visit

Customer Visit Photo
Customer Visit Photo


Question: How about your major market share?

Answer: Our market share are mainly in South America and Africa, Asia.Asia(20.00%), South America(40.00%),Africa(40.00%).

Question: How can we guarantee quality?

Answer: Quality and after-sale services are very important for us. We always 100% final Inspection before shipment. Before the shipment we will send pictures and video for customer’s final green light.

Question: What can you buy from us?

Answer: Our product series covers wide range vehicle, such as Truck, Bus, Pick up, Sedan Car& SUV, Electric Vehicle, Special usage vehicles etc.

Question: Do you have any advantages when compare with other supplier?

Answer:We was found in 2004 and has been engaged in the automobile export business ever since. By now,we are one of the most professional manufacturer of many kinds of special vehicles in China such as the garbage truck, watering truck, sewage truck. We have full range of commercial vehicles & special purpose vehicles under CBU/CKD/SKD status.

Question: How about the delivery terms, payment terms?

Answer:Delivery Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW,CIP,FCA,DAF;
Payment Currency: USD,EUR,CNY, T/T, L/C, Credit Card, Western Union, Cash;

Question: How about your services range covers?

Answer:1. OEM Manufacturing Services: OEM the brand Product, Package.
2. Sample order: some mode can provide 1 sample car order services. Some mode already in stock can ship out in 7 days.
3. Contact with you and response in 24 hours.
4. after sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback. If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

5. We focus on selling directly on the terminal market, and we have already have stable distributors in some areas. But many vehicle modes we are still looking for distributor who can work with us for long term cooperation relationships. Local services and technical support will be provided according to the local condition. We mostly focusing on achieving multilateral win-win with all partners by striving for excellent and exploiting opportunity in the automotive and spare parts industries.

Question:Where can we get the service and spare parts?

Answer: We support full life time spare parts support. Provide customer with the most favorable price.

Question:What is the delivery and production cycle time?

Answer: Usually it takes 30-50 working days, but some models already have stock which can ship out immediately