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KINGSTAR small school bus for sale

From January to February 2014, KINGSTAR’s factory sold 571 units of W6 series school buses, which was the same as the same period last year. The W6 small school bus for sale won the sales champion of the school bus segment below 6 meters for two consecutive years. KINGSTAR’s factory aims to create “the school bus most suitable for China’s national conditions” and will seek a larger market share this year.

When you are looking for a school minibus that delivers quality, safety, and dependability, the W6 series school minibus will be a good choice for you. It has various body lengths of different sizes. Such as 5.5meter, 6 meters, and 6.8 meters for selection, with different front appearance.

small school bus for sale

According to reports, the current school bus market in China is focusing on private kindergartens, private schools, aristocratic schools, and rural schools. No matter what scale of the school and the rural road conditions, light school buses are more suitable for the market, especially 19-seat school minibus around 6 meters. KINGSTAR’s W6 series 19-seat 6-meter body school minibus has a newly upgraded interior. It is more suitable for narrow road conditions, no longer has restrictions by height and width constraints. And low purchase cost is much favorable for the operators. Users who purchase W6 series mini school buses for sale can also enjoy a warranty of 4 years or 80,000 kilometers.

W6 small school bus for Sale features with:

  • Firstly, with 2.2T diesel engine, can meet the Euro V emission standard. 
  • Secondly, MT gearbox and Lever on the instrument. 6 wheels. 
  • Finally, Monocoque body with a world-class electrophoresis production line, we can ensure this minivan skeleton works for 10 years without rust.
small school bus for sale

Safety test for the small school bus for sale

Multi-layer protection The body structure has passed the national rollover and top static pressure test; a new type of anti-collision energy-absorbing front is installed, and 5mm thick front and rear anti-collision steel beams are installed; the bottom and side of the fuel tank are strengthened and designed to be safe and reliable.

Comfort for the small school bus for sale

Comfort and Peace of mind The odor and flame retardancy of the interior adopts the EU standard; the anti-forgotten button, the roof warning light, the medicine box and other humanized configurations are provided, and the whole-round care is provided.

A new small school bus for sale offers many benefits for your school or organization. When you choose a small school for sale, you’ll enjoy:

  • Firstly, safe and comfortable operation
  • Secondly, low maintenance costs
  • Thirdly, long lifespan
  • Finally, increased efficiency for business

W6 small school bus for sale sincerely accompanies new and old friends hand in hand to witness each other’s growth.



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