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16 seater mini-bus 6 meters long-wheelbase Gasoline/diesel engine -Kingstar Minibus J6

Overall size(LxWxH):

5990 x 1880 x 2320

Wheelbase (mm):


Seating Capacity (including driver):


Fuel Tank Capacity (L):


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16 seater mini-bus Basic Information:
Seat adjustable range:14~20 seats;
6 meters length; long wheelbase; Gasoline/diesel engine type. Emission: Euro IV (Details Please kindly see parameter tables.)

mini-bus J6

1.Brief Introduction of Kingstar Minibus J6 16 seater mini-bus:

Kingstar Minibus J6 is one of our major minibus modes, which can adjust seat numbers from 14 to 20 seats. It is a kind of transit minibus which used on not long-distance public transport minibus services for a small group of people instead of a large group of people,

2.Classification of 16 seater mini-bus:

To classify the 16 seater mini-bus according to configurations, there are many minibusses, such as low-floor transit minibus, high-floor transit minibus, double-decker transit minibus, articulated transit minibus, or midi transit minibus. Due to the difference between all-seated coaches used for longer distance journeys and smaller transit minibusses, they are for more flexible services.

3.Application of Kingstar Minibus J6 16 seater mini-bus:

It is applicable to many situations, such as for simple transit minibus, for public transit minibus, stage transit minibus, urban transit minibus, town transit minibus, city transit minibus, commuter transit minibus or coach transit minibus, and so on.

mini-bus J6 exterior

4.Selling points of J6 16 seater mini-bus:

1). Get comfortable with a new way of thinking.

J6 transit minibus features more capacious space, fire-new appearance, rational structure, reliable safety, and human-oriented design. Therefore, it leads the trend of global multi-purpose commercial vehicles market,

2). Generous appearance of J6 transit minibus.

Characterized of the fortitude and grace, as well as the perfect balance between the fashionable high roof and super wide-body, create its unique commercial model and a mighty sense of vision. Smooth side windows efficiently minimize wind noise during driving, and the body line looks more fluid and rhythmical.

First of all, a heightened roof makes a normal person can stand inside the cabin.
Secondly, heightened & Widened sliding door.
Last, heightened and widened sliding doors make two persons simultaneously enter and exit quicker and convenient.

It is with thoughtful features that make driving easier and more comfortable. For example, the J6 transit minibus features comfortable seating, conveniently located switches and daily, easy-to-see meter, ample storage space, and more, all designed to make driving easier and more pleasant.

mini-bus J6 interior

Air-conditioning: It has an under-seat heater and 9 roof-level air condition vents with adjustable louvers above each low of seats in the rear cabin. Of course, passengers feel more comfortable.

Air Cleaner
Roof plasma cluster air cleaner keeps cabin air fresh air outside.
Cup holders & pockets
Numerous cupholders and seat pockets provide easy-to-reach convenience.

mini-bus J6 interior

Pioneered “2+1” arrangement of 14-19seats, makes easy access to roomy driving and comfortable riding. The human-oriented interior trim design provides you infinitely agreeable journey life. At the same time, fabric seating with adjustable head restraints and seatbacks that comply with human engineering could effectively reduce fatigue on long trips. Moreover, 780mm width between the back of the seat substantially improves comfort and free the passenger’s knee and legs.

3). SAFETY of J6 16 seater mini-bus:

  • Side impact beams on the door: Upper and lower members at the front of the frame, and side-impact beams in the front doors. Absorbing collision energy, contribute to class-leading safety.
  • Anti-sliding door lock: It is able to be locked by itself when the side door is opened in the ultimate limit state until the handle of the sliding door is pulled. It enhanced the safety of the whole transit minibus.
  • High tension strengthens steel plate: Body is of anti-overturn framework formed with high tension stronger steel plate. Substantially increasing body firmness as well as reducing noise and vibration during driving.
mini-bus J6 safety

4). Energy absorbing type brake pedal:

It could limit the intrusion degrees of brake assistant, pedal, and pedal bracket to the driver when impact occurred, and prevents the steering shaft from moving to the driver.
ABS+EBD: ABS (anti-locking braking system) shall keep wheels from locking when braking or realize max brake effect. EBD (electronic brake force distribution) shall automatically detect the loading of front and rear wheels and running speed difference., and distribute braking force among the wheels reasonably.
Initiative vacuum booster: Initiative vacuum booster, which only equipped in luxury sedan car usually, shall automatically read emergency braking action, provide bigger braking force and effectively shorten brake distance.







Overall size(LxWxH)

5990 x 1880 x 2320

5990 x 1880 x 2320

5990 x 1880 x 2320

Wheelbase (mm)




Seating Capacity (including driver)




Fuel Tank Capacity (L)






Double wishbone independent suspension/ Variable rate leaf spring

Double wishbone independent suspension/ Variable rate leaf spring

Double wishbone independent suspension/ Variable rate leaf spring

Brake (Front/ rear)

Disc / Drum, ABS+EBD , initiative vacuum booster

Disc / Drum, ABS+EBD , initiative vacuum booster

Disc / Drum, ABS+EBD , initiative vacuum booster

Steering system

Power steering

Power steering

Power steering


215/75R16C radial tire

215/75R16C radial tire

215/75R16C radial tire


Fuel type




Displacement (L)




Intake type

turbo charging

turbo charging

Rated output (kw/rpm)




Max. torque (Nm/rpm)





single disc, hydraulic control

single disc, hydraulic control

single disc, hydraulic control

Max. vehicle speed (km/h)



flexible shaft control

5-Speeds MT, flexible shaft control

5-Speeds MT, flexible shaft control


Euro IV

Euro IV

Euro IV


Black manual wing mirror

Chromed power wing mirror

Manual door lock

Remote-controlled door lock

Power driver & co-driver window

Anti-glare inner rear view mirror

Intermittent front wiper, front washer

Intermittent front wiper, rear wiper,rear electric defroster

Front & rear washer

Rear wiper& washer, rear electric defroster

Radio with 2 speaker

Tiltable steering wheel

Visor (with mirror)*1

Visor (with mirror)*2

Rear reverse radar

MP3( with USB/MIC/SD),6 speakers

MP5( with reverse image),6 speakers

Metallic color/ solid color

Manual sliding door

Anti-UV front windshield

White side window glasses

Combination lamp

Combination lamp、foglight

Combination LED lamp, foglight

High mount brake lamp

Painting front grill

Chromed front grill

Steel wheels*5

Aluminum wheels*4, spare wheel: steel

Aluminum wheels*5

Black door handle

Body color strip

Gray interior

Luxury dashboard

Integral step

Sliding driver& co-driver seat

Sliding driver& co-driver seat,three-point safety belt

Independent passenger seat with adjustable backrest, two-point safety belt

PVC floor

Luxury leather roof, luxury side panel

Luxury side panel, luxury leather roof

Simple interior

Glove box between driver&co-driver

Front heate & rear heater

Front heater(including defroster) & rear heater

Front and rear independent A/C, spray type roof

Roof lamp*2

Rear roof double evaporator

Plasma air cleaner*2

● : Standard   ○ : Option at additional cost   – : Not available

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