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How to maintain the Microbus engine in summer?

How to control the temperature of microbus engine? When the water temperature is too high, the engine will enter the automatic thermal protection state, reduce the engine output power, and even automatically stop. Therefore, pay attention to inspection during daily use or maintenance, and the coolant must be refilled in time. The water temperature of the engine is keeping transmitting to the controller ECU through the sensor. The ECU controls the temperature of the engine’s outlet water. If the water temperature exceeds the calibrated water temperature of the vehicle, the ECU-controlled engine enters an automatic protection strategy to reduce engine power. That is to say, the failure of the engine to pull the cylinder due to the high temperature is basically a maintenance problem that has nothing to do with the quality of the engine itself.


Precautions for daily Microbus engine maintenance

Firstly, the microbus engine must be on when the Microbus is power on. At the same time, the control unit is energized. Moreover, the battery voltage meets the specified parameters of the engine. In order to ensure a smooth start at low temperatures, the battery capacity and discharge capacity should be greater than those of the same type, which is normal The working voltage range is 8-32V. When the power supply voltage is low, some functions are not available, and the Microbus engine may not start. It can only work for 5 minutes at 36V high voltage.

Secondly, in case of checking the microbus. Before unplugging or plugging in the wiring harness and its connections with sensors, actuators, and controllers. Remember first to turn off the main power switch (or turn off the ignition switch). Otherwise, it will cause the control unit to generate memory. Form a fault and store it, make the engine enter the fail-safe strategy. Then to reduce the power of the engine.

Thirdly, regularly wipe the oil and dust accumulated on the engine wiring harness with a clean soft cloth. Furthermore to keep the wiring harness and its connection with the sensor and actuator dry and clean.

Fourthly, most of the plug-ins are plastic materials. Brutal operation is forbidden during installation to ensure that the locking device is installed in place. And there is no foreign matter in the socket.

Finally, whether the exhaust brake is installed, whether the air conditioner is controlled by ECU; whether the starter needs ECU control; whether cruise control, and so on. All of these need to inform the automobile factory when distributing the car. If the user installs the air conditioner privately, the ECU cannot accept the Request signal, no idle speed increase, resulting in unstable idle speed. 6. The control units are not replaceable at will. The models and engines of the same model are replaceable in the same state.

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