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Do you know hub motors from electric vehicle component manufacturers?

Do you know hub motors from electric vehicle component manufacturers?

1. Hub motor is a subversive driving mode.

electric vehicle component manufacturers

In recent years, the applications of electric vehicles driven by in-wheel motors have emerged continuously. As a subversive driving method, hub motor drive eliminates a large number of complicated traditional mechanical transmission parts. Such as reducer, transmission shaft, differential, and half shaft. The power structure of electric vehicle is completely different from that of an internal combustion engine drive system (or central motor drive). It expands the versatility and potential of the motor in terms of space occupation and energy loss.

The in-wheel motor, which is installed in the wheel and directly driven, goes beyond this design. Essentially allowing more design space, lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle, and reducing the number of auto parts. And being directly driven by the wheel without mechanical transmission makes the vehicle more efficient.

The flexibility of hub motors from electric vehicle component manufacturers is bringing more and more degrees of freedom to the design and application of electric vehicles. The diversity of hub motor technology has opened up a new business model. From small city electric vehicles to high-performance sports cars, from trucks and buses to large public transport vehicles. And these different hub motor driving schemes can be exchanged and upgraded.

2. Where will the future road of hub motor from electric vehicle component manufacturers lead?

At present, automobiles are undergoing great changes. In the next few years, people are likely to see a lot of urban vehicles with high lightweight and small volume. It will integrate different models and brands of powertrains and add new concepts of modularization and interconnection. Data networks will become the pillar of the electric vehicle industry and smart cities in the future. Vehicle security (including functional security and information security) will reach a new level. And the connection between people and vehicles will become like the relationship between people and smartphones today.

Although the vehicle architecture has not changed greatly in the past few years, we already see that different packaging products. And new functions developed can already support these development trends, and more work can be done. It’s like using the Internet. We didn’t know it could bring many changes until we really started using it. The technology of the hub also follows a similar route. Hoping that experience and innovation can meet the needs of future movement.

electric vehicle component manufacturers

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