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Kingstar shipped the first batch mini bus for sale to Madagascar

In July 2005, Kingstar shipped the first batch mini bus for sale to Madagascar.

The first batch of 12 units mini bus for sale arrived in the local market, and the response was very good. Then, customer immediately placed the second batch of 44 units.

Mini bus for sale

In 2005 alone, mini bus for sale reached 77 units.

With the rapid development of logistics industry, many automakers ride the tide to launch relative products to meet customer demand. Customers not only need mini bus for sale, but also need cargo van for carrying cargos.

In 2006, Kingstar released practical commercial vehicle—mini bus. It is beautiful and fashionable, possess large loading capacity and suitable for all logistics needs.

Except good loading capacity, fuel-efficient is necessary condition for logistics. Kingstar mini bus equipped with two energy-efficient engine which are individual 1.5L and 1.8L gasoline engine. Moreover, the combined fuel consumption of 1.5L engine is 8.4L/100km, and combined fuel consumption of 1.8L engine is 8.8L/100km.

Except good loading capacity and fuel-saving, Kingstar mini bus also looks respectable. The body is 5090mm, the body width is 1780mm and wheelbase is 3205mm. All these make the vehicle visual effect of mini bus is very impressive. U-shaped front head make the vehicle be full of power and looks fashionable. The side line is rich, relax and powerful, which make vehicle full of muscle sense and kinesthesia. Viewing from the vehicle back, the capacious and hale vehicle rear shape match up with oversized tail-gate, seckill competitors in aesthetics and practicability.

Accompanied by good service and high-quality quality, sales have doubled since 2006. Moreover, Kingstar mini bus has won the sales champion for 4 consecutive years, with a market share of more than 30%.

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