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Salvador customer ordered 6 new minibuses for sale

Since 2017, we recommend the sale of new minibuses to Salvador. After three years of continuous efforts, the customer finally ordered 6 new minibuses.

nuevos minibuses a la venta

These new minibuses exported to El Salvador are all classic models. “This bulk order went smoothly, which fully reflects our great strength.

We focus on promoting the production and sale of foreign vehicle orders.

At present, the global situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is not yet optimistic. And the domestic epidemic situation has been repeated since the beginning of winter. Faced with severe market conditions at home and abroad, our company is promoting the production and sale of foreign vehicle orders.

nuevos minibuses a la venta

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the global supply chain has become chaotic. And there is great uncertainty in the deployment of lots of parts. To ensure on-time delivery of orders in El Salvador, our procurement center communicates with multiple parties and dispatches parts smoothly. The batch of orders has been put into production successfully in the near future.

In addition to the difficulty in deploying accessories, shipping and delivery also face similar difficulties. According to comments from shipping companies, some of their ro-ro vessels were forced to suspend voyages due to prevention and control needs. Resulting in insufficient shipping capacity and travel suspension. We have carried out several rounds of negotiations with shipping companies. And finally decided to arrange the shipment after the Chinese New Year.

2020 is a year of profound global change. The epidemic has affected the economic structure of countries around the world. Except for China’s GDP growth, the GDP of the other major economies has experienced varying degrees of decline.

Serious international economic situation

As we enter the new year 2021, it is the cherished desire of all humanity to rid itself of the epidemic situation and achieve economic recovery. But for now, the international environment remains challenging and the global economic recovery is also fraught with uncertainties. Faced with such a dire international economic situation, our new minibuses are off to a good start for the Year of the Ox, certainly marking a good start for 2021(see more status analysis of first quarter of 2021). In the new year, we will continue to consolidate the current overseas core market. In addition, we will strive to increase sales, strengthen product quality improvement, and increase after-sales service. Plus, scientifically control financial risks, prevent risks before they occur, and strengthen team building. Do your best to compete for orders from foreign markets and make new contributions to China’s economic development.



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