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10 Units Legend Auto 2021 Minivan Was Loaded in Tianjin Port

On February 7th, a few days before the Chinese Lunar New Year, 10 units of the 2021 minivan were loaded in Tianjin port. And they went to Morocco with full New Year blessings.

Located in North Africa, Morocco, because the Atlas Mountain diagonally across the entire territory blocked the heatwave in the southern Sahara Desert. And the sun is shining all year round, the flowers and trees are luxuriant, the flowers are in full bloom. It has the reputation of “a cool land under the scorching sun”. In this picturesque country, countless tourists come from all over the world every year.

2021 minivan

Here, you can experience the famous “White Castle” of Casablanca, or stroll around Morocco’s largest traditional market in Marrakech; or explore the World Heritage Site Ait Ben Haddou. Of course, there are also attractive. Follow the camel bell into the desert and feel the warmth of the Sahara at close range.

2021 minivan

According to the data, as of now, the minivan overseas market in 2021 Year has taken the lead in “recovering”. This is despite the overall setback of the global bus market in the second quarter.

Overseas markets have been very hard. Locking cities, countries, and isolation are the norm. This means that a lot of work is stagnant. It brings great troubles to overseas market development.” If you do not break or stand, you must jump out promptly. The traumatic thoughts that mourn all over the country put the focus of thinking and action on the medium and long-term strategy.

Fully cooperate externally to make customers worry-free. Internally, we have a long-term view and continue to cultivate internal skills to strengthen our health in terms of product layout, technology improvement, and marketing innovation. In terms of product layout, we comprehensively sort out the models and think about new models to more accurately meet user needs. In terms of technology improvement, our technical team, after-sales service. Moreover, sales staff increase the frequency of meetings and meetings. Combining market operation data and customer needs in-depth exploration and future development. This is further improved the technical level of the minivan, to create more refined passenger car products.

“Markets including Bolivia are also gradually picking up, and new orders are slowly growing up. The trust of new and old customers is not only the result of our entire team’s efforts during the epidemic but also the harvest of KINGSTAR’s overseas reputation for a long time. “Responsible, 2021 MINIVAN will always take the lead, adhering to the creation of high-quality goods and providing thoughtful and meticulous service guarantees. Constantly pragmatically market, and let the world further clarify the international image of China’s buses with responsibility and action.



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