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Top Hot Sale Crafter Minibus Model In Many Overseas Marketing

There are all kinds of minibuses in our daily life, the function of each minibus are also different. Normally it will be distinguished by different seat capacities, it is from 9 to 20 seats depending on different models and the client’s needs. Today KINGSTAR will share one of the very hot sale model Y6 of our crafter minibus. This crafter minibus is the world-renowned Austrian ECS company that provided the whole system optimization review and adjustment. Including transmission, steering, suspension, braking system and etc.

Crafter Minibus

Before the introduction of our crafter minibus, do you know what is the difference between passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles?

Passenger cars included sedans and those under 9 seat vehicles, including SUV, MPV, sports cars, and family pickup; Commercial vehicles included all trucks, special vehicles, military vehicles, engineering vehicles, seats above 9, and other passenger cars, tractors, agricultural vehicles, mining vehicles and etc. The design and the technical characteristic of commercial vehicles are for sending passengers and loading goods. The aim is to make money, which normally refers to trucks and those big or medium-sized coaches or minibus. On the other hand, passenger cars, from their design and technical features can tell it is an automobiles designed primarily to carry passengers and their carry-on luggage, or to tow a trailer.

Crafter minibus from KINGSTAR

This is a classic passenger car normally used in airports, companies, or church activities, or small group activities. With the monocoque body with the world-class electrophoresis production line, we can ensure this crafter minibus skeleton works for 10 years without rust. This minibus has superior safety and performance, we did the testing under extreme conditions which proves that this minibus can ensure the reliability, no matter in hot region or cold region. This model especially with the great sales in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, Peru, Ecuador, Burma, and other countries.

Crafter minibus

The specification of the crafter minibus Y6

The overall dimension of the minibus is 5,915 x 2,040x 2,632mm (high roof), the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,665mm. Our standard seat of this minibus is 14 seats (1+3+3+3+4, without side sliding door).

The system of the crafter minibus

This minibus equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. The front is Macpherson independent suspension, the rear is leaf spring suspension. And the braking system is front/back disc brake, also ABS + EBD are available. Tires on this minibus are 215/75R 16LT, the max vehicle speed of the minibus is 120km per hour.

The engine of the crafter minibus

For this minibus, we have two engines for your consideration. A gasoline and a diesel engine, the rated power could reach 120kw. The max torque of the minibus is 270N.m, the lowest fuel consumption is around 9.1L per 100km. The tank volume of the minibus is 80L. We have Euro IV and Euro V two emission standards for your consideration, you could choose it depending on your own marketing.

Any of your inquiry about this crafter minibus, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to your inquiry within 24hours of our working time.



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