Minivan category is to present to customers our major minivan products.

1. What is “minivan”? When we look up this definition, it seems that different country has different definition about it.
One of the definitions is: “A minivan is a large, tall car whose seats can be moved or removed, for example, so that it can carry large loads.” In China dictionary, it translates the it into a small van. Is it right? Or maybe a misunderstanding? Any relation and difference between the minivan, van, minibus, and MPV?

2. The differences between minivan and minibus:
Actually, the difference between them is that minivan reserves more space for cargo and luggage on the backside. While, minibus, reserves more space for passenger seats. Kingstar minivan and minibus actually are the same model, just different designs for the passenger seat numbers, door types (sliding door or backside door), and window is normal or blind.

3. The differences between a minivan, MPV, and van:
Van is usually for carrying goods, while minivan for both goods and passengers. And MPV is a multi-purpose vehicle, in many European countries, it is the minivan. While in China, MPV is for a higher-level with a higher price, and a minivan is for a lower price. It is more practical.

4. Category of a minivan:
We separate them into two categories because most of the customers call them a different name. Therefore, you can see the same model type is shown both in the minibus and minivan categories. Please kindly see the parameter and configuration, and any questions please feel free to contact our sales team for further detailed discussion.