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Let us know more about the passenger coach bus. A passenger coach bus is more than 9 passengers (including driver’s seat) with square carriages generally.  It is using for carrying passengers and their carry-on luggage, mainly used for public transportation and group transportation.

passenger coach bus

1. Passenger coach bus form

There are single-layer and double-layer buses, hinged, and trailer models also.  There are two doors, one door type, or a luggage compartment.  A most passenger coach bus is driven by diesel engines and there are also pure electric vehicles and all-metal bodies.  According to the number of passengers, public transport vehicles are more economical than individual vehicles, which is one of the main reasons why many countries give priority to the development of public transport buses.  From a global perspective, cars are widely in the application. Therefore, the bus manufacturing industry is the main body of public transportation, it is quite mature in both design concept and design technology. The technical level and scientific research ability of buses in Europe rank first in the world.  The design capability and manufacturing level of China’s passenger coach bus industry occupy an important position in the world.

Foreign bus technologies are mainly from Europe and Japan.   China’s bus production ranks first in the world and the annual output of individual manufacturers has exceeded 10,000 units.

2.    Passenger coach bus classification

Firstly, It can be divided into single and trains according to the overall structure.

Single is a basic vehicle type which is often divided into large, medium and small according to the total weight of bus or the number of seats set.  China stipulates that the length of a single bus is generally no more than 13.7 meters.  Articulated or channel buses are that the carriage and frame of passenger train are divided into two sections.  The two carriages are connecting with hinge plates and movable pleats so that the carriages communicate with each other before and after.  China stipulates that the length of passenger trains generally does not exceed 18 meters.

Secondly, according to different service modes and different structure, passenger coach bus can be divided into several types.

Such as traveling buses, city buses, highway buses, railway buses, sightseeing buses, and school buses.  A traveling bus is a small bus with no more than 17 seats.  According to its appearance and shape, the common name is “van” in China. Because passengers get on and off frequently, the floor of the city bus is lower than the ground, there are 2 ~ 3 passenger doors and standing positions in the bus. 

Therefore, the passageway in the bus should have enough height and width.  Because of the long ride time, all seats are arranged in the bus, usually only one passenger door. It requires high ride comfort and must be with several luggage compartments. A vehicle used for carrying passengers on railways and highways.  Passenger cars on the railway also include dining cars, postal cars, and luggage cars.  Tourist buses have comfortable seats and their windows are larger to broaden their horizons. The school bus is for transporting students to and from school.

Finally, different types per length.

per length of passenger coach bus length, there are minibus-less than 3.5m, Light bus 3.5 ~ 7m; Medium-sized bus-7 ~ 10m; Large bus-length 10 ~ 12m ; Extra-large buses-including articulated buses (the length is more than 12m) and double-deck buses (the length is 10 ~ 12m)。

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