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14 Seater Minibus, the leader of High-end Customization Vehicle Factory

A 14 seater minibus will be the leader of high-end passenger transportation, especially when it comes from a customization vehicle factory.

In recent years, the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction have been increasing year by year. As well as the electrification of operating vehicles. This is because of the national VI switching, the transformation of “big to small”. As well as the continuous demand for customized passenger transport.

and Our factory for 14 seater minibus and other buses have grasped the pulse of the development of the times. It has gradually become a “pearl” in the domestic light passenger market. Furthermore, helping the reform and development of the domestic passenger transportation industry, including 14 seater minibus.

Passenger transport market, including 14 seater minibus, “big to small” transformation, and new changes in travel consumer demand.

14 seater minibus

Because of the rapid development of aviation, high-speed rail, private cars, and online car-hailing, passenger transportation on medium and long-distance highways has declined severely. Thus, “Big changes to small” and customized passenger transportation, including 14 seater minibus, have not only become the consensus of industry development but have also been approved by the Ministry of Transport. Supported by laws and regulations. Particularly affected by the epidemic. In addition to safety and comfort, informatization, convenience, privacy, and health. Moreover, safety has increasingly become an emerging need for travelers today.

a high-speed rail “companion” and a civil aviation “setter” role

Faced with the current situation of passenger transportation, our factory deployed VAN products in advance, including 14 seater minibus. Therefore to enter the passenger transportation market, acting as a high-speed rail “companion” and a civil aviation “setter” role.

The Y6 14 seater minibus is based on the high-end passenger transport market and tourism demand. And it aims to especially for vehicle design, service life. Moreover, the safety in accordance with the harsh operating conditions of 500 to 1,000 kilometers per day of operating passenger cars. Relying on 10 years of car-making experience in a joint venture with German Benz, 50 years of experience in the passenger transport market, and 10 years of technological precipitation in frontier European light buses. Also, relying on Weichai Group’s gold industry chain platform, our factory launched in accordance with domestic market demand. The 5-8m VAN series products, including 14 seater minibus, are the pioneers of domestic minibus operation in the true sense.

At the same time, in response to the trend of “big change to small”, an operation plan is in the procedure. It providing users with light passenger products of different lengths such as 5.9m, 7.5m, and a variety of power system options. Seats include less than 9 seats, 10-22 Seats, etc., to meet the specific needs of passenger transport in different regions.

National VI reserves are ready, products, including 14 seater minibus upgrades are accelerating.

With the approach of 2021, in order to meet the needs of market development, the layout of National VI vehicles is also being further promoted. Currently, Euromonitor 5.9m. Such as 14 seater minibus, 7m, 7.5m, and other models have been successfully upgraded to China VI products. And they have been recognized and welcomed by customers.

5.9m high-end passenger cars such as 14 seater minibus are comparable to passenger cars in terms of comfort and safety configuration. The luxurious business seat configuration, 1+1 style seat arrangement, the front, and rear seat spacing is 785mm. It avoids close contact between passengers and better protects the privacy of passengers. World-class optimization tuning, excellent NVH optimization, USB charging port, etc. greatly enhance passenger comfort and better passenger experience. 7.5m, as a model for the transformation and development of passenger transport “large to small” and “customized passenger transport”, there are 10-22 flexible options, and super fuel-saving economic performance (average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 10L. It is about 3L lower than similar products ) To enhance the profitability of passenger transport companies.

Electric commercial vehicles

In line with the development trend of new energy, our factory has also developed electric commercial vehicles. It is also with permanent magnet synchronous motors. Also, with a maximum speed of 100 Km/h, a driving range of 475 kilometers, and a battery capacity of 108kwh.

On October 30, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “Catalogue of Energy-saving New Energy Vehicle Models Enjoying Vehicle and Vessel Tax Reduction and Exemption” (the twentieth batch). 7m and 7.5m diesel fuels enjoy the preferential vehicle and vessel tax reduction and exemption policies and become the batch. The only energy-saving passenger car in China that enjoys car and vessel tax reduction or exemption.

large to small

Our factory’s vehicle use range has gone through a path from point to line, from line to surface. Also, regional coordination to expand to the whole country. At present, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Heilongjiang, and other places. Buses, have formed a number of “big-to-small” and customized The passenger transport demonstration circle facilitates the transformation and development of “large to small” and customized passenger transport in various regions. Data is the best proof! As of October 2020, our factory’s annual global sales, increased 20%, and the domestic market has increased by 49.5%.

The development of “large to small”, section line reconstruction, airport special line, scenic spot direct line; medical special line, and other customized passenger lines has opened up a broad road for our buses. Our factory has popular for its excellent product quality that meets customer needs.

In the light bus market, our buses have become beautiful business cards. The design is to create a safe and comfortable travel experience for users.



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