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15 Passenger Shuttle Bus for Sale Pricefrom Wholesale Inc

Popular Model of (Gaoline/Diesel) 15 Passenger Shuttle Bus:

Popular Model of Electric 15 Passenger Shuttle Bus:

We are manufacturer for shuttle bus for sale. If you are the distributor who want to buy cargo van in large quantity, Please contact with us.

Shuttle bus for sale Pictures(interior, exterior, seat, steering wheel, inside picture and so on)

Price Policy for Distributor

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Each of our vehicles is like fine art, embodying delicate advanced techniques and meticulous craftsmanship. Coupled with technical innovations, it brings you more comfort and benefits in life and in business,. And also providing as much as you wanted with multi-functions, like our BD6 15 passenger shuttle bus for sale, will be a good partner for your life.

Getting BD6 from us is simply easy and inexpensive. Start with a call or an email to us! Just let us know your requirement for this BD6 15 passenger shuttle bus for sale. Our enthusiastic and professional sales will know well what equipment will be the finest for your target markets.

15 passenger shuttle bus for sale

What is the usage of the BD6?         

  1. For business car rental
  2. Airport pickup car rental
  3. Tourist car rental
  4. Enterprise Commute car rental
  5. Hotel shuttle
  6. School car rental
  7. Other car rental services

Why choose the BD6 15 passenger shuttle bus for sale?    

  • Firstly, the BD6 minibus is with simple console design and a luxury console design for selection, for meeting different consumers’ demands.
  • Secondly, as the BD6 minibus is mainly for passenger carrying and logistics transportation. The seat layout is various from seating from 2 seats to 16 seats, and the rear cargo can be removed from the seats to get bigger space for cargo loading.
  • Thirdly, there are humanized designs for the side windows for the BD6 . Compared with fully enclosed windows, the BD6 minibus also gets with side sliding windows. The design can reduce the dependence on air conditioning and is more suitable for the needs of low-end markets.
  • Fourthly, no matter it is using for passenger transportation or logistics, the design of vehicle space is particularly important. The body length of the BD6 is 5490 x 1885 x 2285 mm, and the wheelbase size is 3100mm, which makes the space more comfortable.
  • Fifthly, the BD6 minibus adopts double-wishbone independent suspension, torsion bar spring, with lateral stabilizer bar and thrust bar for the front suspension. And get Leaf spring non-independent for the rear suspension. In terms of safety, it is also with ABS, EBD, and other active safety configurations, providing a great sense of safety.
  • As for the power configuration, besides paying attention to the engine power performance, fuel consumption is also an intuitive performance that needs to consider. The BD6 minibus, equipped with two model engines for selection: 2.7L gasoline engine G4BA, and 2.5T turbocharged Italian VM technology diesel engine. Moreover, the maximum output power is 110kW/94kW, the peak torque is 245N·m/340N·m. The gearbox is 5-speed manual transmission. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 10.8~12.5L, very economic to save cost.
  • The BD6 15 minibus could be customized in different types: Such as standard, economic, and luxury, meeting different customers demand.
  • Finally, the BD6 minibus has the most competitive price among similar products, affordable for customers. At present, the promotional price of different equipment types for this BD6 15 minibus is ranging from USD 12000 to USD 14000, with the lowest special and appealing price in history!

If you have an interest in this BD6 15 minibus, view much more modes, such as 14 seater minibus for sale, please feel free to contact us. Our KINGSTAR could provide you with our best suggestion to make your business more successful.

If you want to you can refer to our website.

To work with our KINGSTAR van wholesaler, is your wise choice!

What is our advantage?        

  • More than 20 years of experience in auto exportation since from 1999.
  • Wide range of vehicles.
  • Customized vehicles
  • SKD and CKD assembled vehicles
  • The most competitive prices
  • Flexible Shipment
  • Entrusted & efficient after-sales service
  • Genuine spare parts
  • Warranty and claim

 Why choose our KINGSTAR Wholesale Inc?         

How to play order with us?     

Our Advantage

  1. More than 20 years of experience in auto exportation since from 1999.
  2. Wide range of vehicles.
  3. Customized vehicles
  4. SKD and CKD assembled vehicles
  5. The most competitive prices
  6. Flexible Shipment
  7. Entrusted & efficient after-sales service
  8. Genuine spare parts
  9. Warranty and claim

Why Choose Us

  • Professional
  • High quality
  • Prompt Reply
  • Quick Delivery

How to play order

  1. Send us Inquiry
  2. Negotiation
  3. Sample Car confirmed
  4. Place order and arrange deposit
  5. Mass Production
  6. Arrange the Balance
  7. Delivery
  8. Received


Various Applications

  • Passenger public transportation
  • Business car rental
  • Hotel shuttle
  • Tourist car rental
  • Enterprise shuttle bus rental
  • School car rental
  • Airport pickup car rental
  • Logistic transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Family use
  • Special purpose: such as ambulance, police car, post car, Prison car, freezer van, Wheelchair minibus, School Bus
  • Community Activities,
  • Small Group Events Use
  • Transport Van, transit
  • Logistics vehicles
  • Passenger Van Rental







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