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Latest vip minibus RV launch

Y6 VIP minibus motorhome adopts the same full load-bearing chassis as the famous brand Sprint. It is with four-wheel disc brakes, dual airbags, ABS/EBD systems, and pre-warning limited force seat belts. The size of the whole car is 5995*2040*2823mm, wheelbase is 3665mm, with engine front-mounted rear-drive. The Y6 minibus RV is also with the Italian latest VM 2.8T engine, strong power, and fuel-saving. And also with ESC active safety system. The engine is 100% the latest VM technology, 100/150 horsepower, 370/420 torque. It is matched with a 6AT manual transmission. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 8-10L. No matter the price, the appearance, or the inside, it is the best choice for your RV life!

vip minibus

Structure and equipment

The Y6 vip minibus RV is generally an all-bearing body structure, 70% of the body is using high-strength steel. And the cathode electrophoresis painting technology ensures that the Y6 vip minibus will not rust for ten years. The Y6 minibus is together with an impact energy absorbing device. It is not causing harm to the driver and passengers when a frontal impact occurs. In case a severe impact happens, the engine sinks and does not cause harm to the driver. At the same time, the side doors for the driver and co-driver can be opened easily. It is convenient for passengers to escape quickly.

vip minibus

Open the door, you can see the latest Y6 vip minibus is with a screen door, it could not only make you enjoy the breeze when camping, but also could keep off the mosquitoes. The interior layout of the Y6 minibus RV, using mahogany furniture matched with logs, is more in line with the current decoration style that is close to nature. The front minibus RV body consists of driver cabin and a second row of seats, with very spacious space. Audiovisual equipment is located in the front of the minibus body.

The vip minibus RV body equipped with a wine cabinet which is above the second row of seats. The interior of the vip minibus RV body is with fine workmanship. The rear of the vip minibus RV is with the layout of the vertical bed, which changes the disadvantage of the limited length of the horizontal bed of the B-type RV. And for the layout of the upper and lower beds, the upper bed can fold, which increases the flexibility of use.

kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are located on the side of the door. The kitchen in the vip minibus RV has microwaves, refrigerators, induction cookers, sinks with lids, and delicious meals can also be made in the RV. There are 540Ah batteries, a 3000W inverter, and the imported circuit system all in the car. This kind of power system configuration can provide the comfortable life of the RV.


Although the toilet is also designed with a rolling door for this Y6 vip minibus RV, it is using at the rear of the car. Such layout for the Y6 vip minibus RV could make the leisure space at the front of the car body is much larger.

Between the kitchen and the bathroom, there is a combined cabinet with a wardrobe on the top and a refrigerator underneath. There is a separate wardrobe in the B-type RV, which greatly improves the life quality in the RV.

The toilet with FRP material (leak-proof), bottom support 85×85. It is adopting the original imported (FAWO) RV special connection and RV special water injection port. It is together with 304 stainless steel clean water tank 120L (optional 150L) and 304 stainless steel gray water tank 80L, This configuration has surpassed most competitors on the market. Moreover, it is also equipped with the original imported German (REICH) water route system, the original imported FIAMMA bathroom ventilation fan 12V lighting, the original imported THETFORD CS223 toilet (2 styles for option), and an imported shower head, All this equipment is in line with the needs of actual use.

Strict integrated crash test

In addition, the Y6 vip minibus RV has undergone a strict integrated crash test, body roll test, and three high tests (plateau, high temperature, and high cold), which can ensure the Y6 vip minibus RV travel in all-weather in all areas. In addition, the interior furniture of the Y6 vip minibus RV basically uses imported panels, quality is durable.

This Y6 vip minibus RV can meet all your expectations and let you travel with your whole family!



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