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The Smartest Minibus Motorhome from KINGSTAR Accept Client’s Customization

What is a motorhome? Do you like minibus motorhome? The motorhome is also called “home on wheels”, both with “house” and “car” functions. But its attributes or car, is a kind of mobile, with the necessary basic facilities at home.

Minibus Motorhome

Minibus motorhome is introduced by foreign facilities car. The facilities on the minibus are bedding, stove, refrigerator, cabinets, sofas, table, chair, toilet facilities, air conditioning, TV, acoustics, such as furniture and appliances. The area can divide into a driving area, living area, bedroom, health, kitchen area, and so on.

Minibus motorhome is also named RV (recreational vehicle), some people called motorhome or trailer, simply called RV. It can park at the beach, or near the lake, or grass, or mountain or forest, everywhere that permit to stop the car. But with the same lifestyle of the city. You could cook by yourself, take an enjoyable shower, sleep on your soft bed, watching TV, listen to music and etc.

How does the minibus motorhome work?

A minibus motorhome is more like a small house. Except for above facilities, the “house” is also equipped with air-conditioning, LCD TV, VCD, refrigerator, microwave oven, gas, water heater, and other electrical appliances. All these electrical appliances rely entirely on ac generators to provide power. And in the case there is an external power supply, it will replace by the external power supply. At the same time, RV is also equipped with many safety facilities, including LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) detector, CO alarm, smoke alarm, emergency exit, fire extinguisher, seat belt, etc.

Chinese minibus motorhome

The movie “Be There or Be Square” as a symbol of the Chinese RV appeared in the 1999 Chinese New Year. The production of China’s RV is around 10,000 units, there are 20 or 30 manufacturers in China. These vehicles are mostly export to Europe and the United States. Domestic sales account for only a small part of them.

The development status of the Chinese minibus motorhome: RV started in the year 2000 in China, we have 1,550units of RV in 2007, reach 4000 units in 2010. The data increased recently, it has raised 40% in latest 4-5years. But the start of China’s RV is restricted by many factors: drive an RV on the road has some trouble. Private car owners driving an RV need to have the qualification to drive a truck or large cars; In the city, there are parking difficulties; Trailers are not allowed on highways. Now, policies changed, they will be more and more mature in the future.

KINGSTAR minibus motorhome exported to overseas market

We KINGSTAR is a professional automobile exporter of China. This RV was refitted by our minibus model Y6. It is a standard 14seats minibus, therefore, the space is enough for modification.

Minibus Motorhome

The specification of the minibus motorhome

This model Y6 is one of our hot sale models, the dimension of the minibus is 5,915 * 2,040*2,632 (high roof). The wheelbase of the minibus is 3,665mm. It is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. The front suspension is MacPherson independent, the rear is leaf-spring suspension. The braking system of the RV is front/back disc brake, ABS + EBD are available for this RV. The max speed of the vehicle is 120km per hour.

For this minibus motorhome, we could accept your customized design. Should there be any inquiries, please feel free to contact us. 



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