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The Mini School Bus for sale is Supplied by the Customization Factory Vehicle

At any time, the safety of students has always been the focus and hotspot of the whole society. At the beginning of the school season, news about the safety of the mini school bus for sale is frequently active in major authoritative media. It has aroused the attention and thinking of all sectors of society. Schools, minibus factories, school bus operators, parents, teachers, and students all need to implement the responsibility of safe riding. Moreover, effectively ensure the personal safety of primary and secondary school students and young children riding school buses.

mini school bus for sale

Especially in summer, the high temperature is the most dangerous factor for children.

Cases of Children are forgotten in the small school bus for sale are frequently happened and cause great tragedies. Parents must take high caution for it. Children should be taught about self-help methods. Such as honking the horn and double flashing warning lights, slamming the car windows. Also can shouting loudly to attract the attention of people around.

KINGSTAR factory has always stood at the forefront of the others in the industry.

From the introduction of the safe and reliable mini school bus for sale to the drafting safety standards for a minibus by the government, and further to the continuous exploration of operation models for a minibus, the minibus from KINGSTAR factory has always stood at the forefront of the others in the industry.

The “last-minute” checking the school minibus before children getting off the minibus is very crucial. In order to ensure the safety of children’s travel at the “last minute”, KINGSTAR’s factory has been making continuous efforts the developing a safe mini school bus for sale.

mini school bus for sale

KINGSTAR’s W6 mini school bus for sale has an intelligent electronic anti-forgetting system.

There is a special anti-forgetting patrol button at the back of the minibus. It adds a strong guarantee for the safety of children.

When the driver stops and turns off the mini school bus for sale, an alarm will be issued automatically inside the minibus. This reminding the driver or guardian to go to the rear seats of the minibus for a comprehensive inspection. Then manually press the red patrol button to release the alarm after checking. Such reminders of the W6 minibus can avoid “fatal distractions” and can effectively avoid forgetting children stay in the minibus. Such equipment and operation of the minibus could make the children’s safety be more guaranteed. Moreover, let parents rest assured, teachers, rest assured.

mini school bus for sale

When the “special detection system” detects that there are children left in the car, it can drive the police lights and horn outside the minibus to give dual alarms at the moment when the target is detected. And it can distinguish between life targets and non-life targets, and the rate of false alarm is low.

In addition to the alarm, the intelligent electronic anti-forgetting system also provides “online foreign aid” support.

When the system detects that the child has been left in the car, the App platform will notify the school bus operator of the information and photo. This shows the child’s inside mini school bus condition. The minibus operator can remotely issue an emergency door opening instruction. After the system receives the instruction, the mini school bus for sale will have the emergency door open automatically immediately. It is very smart, isn’t it?

Parents can log in to the client APP keep tracking of the children’s movements at any time

Of course, parents no need to worry about the safety of the mini school bus for sale. You can log in to the client APP of the corresponding minibus supplier to keep tracking of the children’s movements at any time and anywhere! With this powerful monitoring platform of the W6 minibus, parents and friends can grasp the child’s location in real-time. Ensure that children will not “lost contact” and will not be forgotten!

For children, the mini school bus for sale is not only a traveling tool, but also a guardian, a companion, and a responsibility. To reduce the occurrence of school bus safety issues and truly “prevent problems before they happen”, we should always start by using a safe special minibus. Protecting the safety of our children, our KINGSTAR and our factory are always on the road.



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