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The Factory Vehicles of Small Minibus for sale

The small minibus for sale is a 2-11 seat model.

In China, there are many brands. Three models that we are on sale are popular. The marketing share is over 50% in the same range of models.

Since 2000, KINGSTAR exported small minibus to Panama, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala……..

Small minibus for sale

Also, KINGSTAR shipped a small minivan to the USA as an off-road vehicle. The speed is exceeded 45 miles per hour.

All the small minibus is 7-8 seats. Such as some with 1L gasoline, some are with 1.2L engine, some are with 1.5L engine.

In the said markets, KINGSTAR got a sole agent for a small minibus. Marketing feedback is very good.

Small minibus to Guatemala, shipment is by container or by RORO vessel. Each shipment is about 40 units. as we made shipments every month in Xinggang port, Shanghai port, Qingdao port. KINGSTAR is very famous in shipping agents.

In 2003, a Guatemala agent visited KINGSTAR and a small minibus factory. We had a meeting about after sales service, spare parts & order target.

In the past 10 years, KINGSTAR focuses on exporting varied vehicles to overseas markets. We started with a small minibus which is the most important model in our business range.

Nowadays, we still are working with small minibus suppliers. The present model is 7-11 seats small minibus, mainly market is Salvador. We worked on a new brand in 2016, the first batch is 20 units small minibus with 1.3L gasoline engine. And then every 3 months, we made a shipment of a small minibus to Salvador.

This small minibus price is very reasonable and of excellent quality. Therefore, KINGSTAR extends this business to many markets successfully. Then in 2018, we shipped this small minibus to Peru. They are the long-wheelbase model that is good for the school bus and public transport bus.

With good design and excellent service, we got active marketing feedback for a small minibus.



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