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Most Cost Saving and Safety Family Auto – KINGSTAR MD1

As the trend of fast development of the automobile, family auto getting more and more popular. In the very beginning, the auto was invented for convenient transportation. With the development of world civilization and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards. Great changes have taken place in automobiles. In the very beginning, the automobile is a symbol of “rich”, only rich people could afford an automobile at that time. In nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards and better living conditions, every family has a car. For some big families, people starting to pursue higher levels, like family auto.

We KINGSTAR has many types of vehicles that are suitable for big families, but also some families do not need a very big vehicle. Today we will share one of our 7 seats electric MPV for your consideration.

Model MD1: electric MPV vehicle – a perfect choice for a family auto.

Family Auto

Everyone knows that electric vehicles getting more and more popular in the world. For a better environment, more and more people choose electric vehicles. On the one hand, it is zero harm to the environment; on the other hand, it is more cost-saving than fuel-type vehicles. Our model MD1 is a very hot sale MPV vehicle with four different versions for your consideration.

Firstly, the vehicle parameter of the electric family auto.

The overall dimension of the vehicle is 4,850 * 1,860 * 1,780mm, the wheelbase of the vehicle is 2,880mm. The driving range is over 405km which you can go everywhere that you want, especially suitable for those people who want to get it for work. The seat layout of 2 + 2 + 3 is very suit for big families or family whom with over 2 babies. The battery capacity is 73 kWh. This family auto with fast charging of 0.6H could charge 20% – 80% power of the vehicle. The maximum speed of the vehicle is over 170km per hour.

Family Auto
Secondly, the chassis system of the electric family auto

This MPV is equipped with an electric power steering system (EPS) which improved the safety of the whole vehicle. And we have electronic parking and auto hold for four versions of the vehicle. The front suspension of the vehicle is McPherson independent suspension and the rear is multi-link independent suspension. For the braking, we have a front ventilation disc/rear disc for four versions. The tires on this vehicle are using 225/55 R17.

Thirdly, the exterior and the interior of the family auto

This MPV is a roof luggage rack with an aluminum alloy wheel. We have an electric tailgate and Bluetooth key of mobile phone for exclusive edition and first-class cabin. This is a keyless starting vehicle, you could enter the system without a key. You could manually adjust the steering wheel up and down, also front and rear. And we also have wireless charging for exclusive edition and first-class cabin versions.

For this family auto, we have a lot of highlight points. If you are interested in this family auto, please feel free to contact us.  



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