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When choosing school bus products, safety is undoubtedly the first principle.

On the premise of ensuring safety, price must be the second factor considered by consumers.

School bus price

We, KINGSTAR, have been engaged in the export of automobile business since 2000, and it has been about 20 years. We are fully aware of the huge social responsibility of school bus operation and fully implement this purpose in our work. Among them, we are committed to developing and promoting safe and special school minibus products.

Our SCHOOL BUS, after a comprehensive investigation including SCHOOL BUS PRICE and related configuration performance, finally chose our SCHOOL BUS. Because our SCHOOL BUS PRICE is very reasonable, and its safety and durability are of high quality.


First of all, compared with ordinary passenger cars, SCHOOL BUS body is painted with eye-catching yellow, and equipped with reflective tape, stop signs, etc., which can improve the safety of the vehicle. At the same time, the interior space of the vehicle is fresh and bright. In addition to the overall internal structure without nails, all touchable parts are covered with flexible packaging technology, which can prevent primary school students from collision and injury due to games, and ensure that each design ensures the safety of children.

School bus price

In addition, our SCHOOL BUS adopts a birdcage frame, front and rear stamping parts, and a “big long head” design on the front of the engine, which can well protect the safety of students in the car even in an emergency. In addition, in times of crisis, rear safety doors and automatic glass breaking devices can also win valuable evacuation time for students. Ensure travel safety

In order to improve competitiveness, we strive to make SCHOOL BUS PRICE more reasonable and attractive. Reduce costs as much as possible in all links such as supply links, production links, and logistics links.

According to market demand, it is possible to meet consumer demand as much as possible, so that products can be sold and developed better.



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