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Auto buses can be fuel type and electric type. Furthermore, the electric type will be more and more popular as a citizen and environment needs.

What does electric auto buses include?

Electric auto buses include battery electric vehicles (BEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV).  All the products are driven by electric energy, which is low noise, high driving stability, economy, and zero-emission. Electric auto buses have good power performance, long battery life, low cost, and good equipment with the whole vehicle.

The application of auto buses

The main characteristics of electric auto buses are Economy, Practicality, Convenience, and Extensiveness.  These auto buses are very suitable for business activities, department visits, long-distance trips, small group outings, and sightseeing reception.

The advantages of electric auto buses

1. Less pollution

Electric auto buses basically do not emit harmful gases in use.  In terms of energy conversion, electric energy is also cleaner than the direct combustion of fuel.  Empirical results show that the energy efficiency of electric auto buses has surpassed gasoline engine automobiles. And the power consumption cost per hundred miles is only about one-third of the cost of fuel buses.

2. The energy utilization efficiency is high, and energy diversification can be realized.

Electric auto buses have a higher energy utilization rate than oil-fired vehicles, so they can stop for a short time without consuming energy.  At the same time, electric buses can recover braking energy and charge the storage battery, thus improving the energy utilization efficiency of buses and extending the driving range.  On the other hand, the electric buses battery can also obtain through hydropower, wind energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, heat energy, tidal energy, natural gas, combustible ice, etc., Thus diversifying energy sources, reducing dependence on oil, and improving national energy security and national economic security.

3.  Discharged waste heat is less.

Ordinary internal combustion engine cars exhaust a large amount of waste hot gas when running, which leads to an increase in environmental temperature, and further affects the “heat island effect” of big cities.  Electric buses can reduce the “heat island effect” of the city because it emits little or no hot gas at all.

4. Low noise

The noise of the motor is much lower than that of the internal combustion engine, so the electric buses are quieter and more environmentally friendly than ordinary vehicles.

5. The structure of the traditional vehicle can be changed.

Because of the miniaturization of the motor, it can be arranged in many parts of the car body, so as to realize different car body structures and meet the new user requirements and appearance requirements. Traditional buses cannot meet these requirements due to the limitation of engines.

Electric bus from KINGSTAR

We have different types of electric buses.  Here, we would like to recommend the following model, eY6 7-15 seats first.

auto buses

Some specification is as following: 

Seats:   7-15 seats (including driver seat)

Dimension (mm): 5915 * 2040 * 2632 (high roof)

Wheelbase (mm):       3665

Max speed (km/h):     100

Driving Mileage (km): 300

Drive motor model:     Lvkon

Max power (kW): 120

Max torque (N*m): 850

Battery type: lithium iron phosphate

Battery capacity (kWh):     107.6 KWH

Tire: 215/75R 16LT

Brake system:     Front & rear disc brake

Front suspension:      Front macpherson independent

Rear suspension:      Rear leaf spring

If you are interested the auto buses, feel free to contact with us.



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