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August 20, 2013, is a special day for Kingstar and the overseas customer. The customer confirmed the 1st batch BD6 model 14 seater minibus for sale which will enter into TACNA Peru for operation.

14 seater minibus for sale

Good after sale srvices:

This minibus widely welcomed by the public as passenger transportation in Peru. And for the operating company, it has a small investment, a large profit, very economical and durable model. It is one of the hot-selling models for overseas markets, including Peru also. Because it could be customized, made specialize for meeting the market requirement, it successfully won the praise from the markets. KINGSTAR BD6 model 14 seater minibus for sale gradually gains a foothold in the local auto market. In terms of after-sales service, KINGTAR closely cooperates with local distributors to provide continuous spare parts for replacement and giving technical guidance online. Good after-sales service has made Kingstar 14 seater minibus more and more popular in the market and brings many customers.

14 seater minibus for sale

Now the cooperation between the customer and KINGSTAR for the BD6 model minibus will bring a new sale distribution in the South areas of Peru. Before the order confirmed, both parties are actively in communication for the equipment of the minibus. Also meeting with each other to get a better understanding of the business cooperation.

Before the order placing for the 14 seater minibus for sale, custom pays a visit to KINGSTAR’s factory, visiting the workshops for stamping, welding, painting, assembling, and testing. With face-by-face business discussion for the minibus, it deepens well understanding for each other. With high praise for the KINGSTAR factory’s operation, custom feels great confidence to cooperate with KINGSTAR for the minibus.

At KINGSTAR, we offer thoughtful service throughout customer’s inquiries. For the 14 seater minibus for sale, ordering, payment method, the loading way for shipment, and after-sales. Please feel free to contact KINGSTAR for more information.



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