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It is a very good beginning about Chinese automobiles export, including mini coach bus in the 2021 year. 

Export value of China’s automobiles, including mini coach bus all, achieved substantial growth in the first quarter.  According to China’s customs statistics, China exported 431,000 vehicles (including chassis, the same below), up 88.1% year on year and the export value was US$ 6.3 billion, up 113.3% year on year.  There are two reasons for the sharp year-on-year growth of exports.  First, the low level of the export base caused by the epidemic in the first quarter of 2020.  Second, the current international market demand continues to recover.

For the export market, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, and Egypt are the top five export destinations of our automobile.

Accounting for 31.6% of our total automobile export.  Among them, 39,800 vehicles were exported to Chile, an increase of 171.5%.  Export value was US$ 350 million, an increase of 169.6%.  It was the largest market for the export of our whole vehicles, including mini coach in the first quarter. 

Exported 28,600 cars to Saudi Arabia, an increase of 29.1%.  The export value was 400 million US dollars, an increase of 49.1%, ranking second.  Exported 24,000 vehicles to Russia, an increase of 403.2%.  The export value was 340 million US dollars, an increase of 297.8%, ranking third.  Exported 23,300 vehicles to Australia, an increase of 269.6%.  Export value was 370 million US dollars, an increase of 346.5%.  20,400 vehicles were exported to Egypt, up by 45.6% and the export value was US$ 150 million, up by 59.5%.

VW6 19-22 seat miini coach bus:

We, KINGSTAR VEHICLE COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 2004 and have been engaged in the automobile export business ever since.  The major range covers BUS, TRUCK, MPV, SUV, PICKUP, and EV (Electric vehicle), which are suitable and sellable in overseas markets.

We would like to recommend VW6 19-22 seat bus to you.

mini coach
mini coach

Here is specification about the mini coach bus.

mini coach

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