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The first batch 18 passenger bus shipped to Uruguay

In 2012, the first batch 18 passenger bus shipped to Uruguay.

KINGSTAR is an authorized exporter for many Chinese brand vehicles. Since 2000, we export kinds of vehicles to overseas market.

These are 6m long model with 18 passenger bus.

18 passenger bus is good for business use and tourist transportation. It is in huge demand in South American such as Bolivia & Uruguay.

In Bolivia, this is using for public transportation, marketing share is over 70%. Seeing this kind of bus everywhere.

This luxurious bus is specially built for tourism and business. The body length is 6M long and the axle moment is long. It has luxurious configurations, such as aviation seats, which bring passengers

This bus looks similar to HIACE this hot sales model in Japan. There are economic type and luxury type with double AC, leather seats, aluminum wheels, power windows and mirrors, MP5, LCD, ABS+ EBD and etc.

In 2019, we visited Bolivia. and she visited her clients who took 18 passenger bus. The buyers bought this bus running as a public bus. Good quality and a reasonable price are why this is the hottest sales model in Bolivia. The failure rate is very minor, also it is very easy to get maintenance in Bolivia, easy to get interchange spare parts. All the buyers made a good life with this kind of business Sure sales are getting better and better.



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