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Minibus service

Kingstar provides the minibus service for 2-20 seats model bus.

In China, there are lots of minibus brands. In China and in the overseas market, there are lots of minibus running.

Let’s take an example minibus in South American such as in Salvador, Bolivia, Peru….marketing share is very good. That means minibus service is a very important issue for these markets.

Mini bus service

Since 2010, KINGSTAR shipped minibusses to Egypt and South American. Every shipment is over 100 units. For good communication and for better marketing promotion, after-sales maintenance, importers visited factories also. Buyers visited factories frequently, they have met for discussing service.

2 exhibitions for vehicles

In China every year, there are 2 exhibitions for vehicles. One is the Canton fair in Autumn and Spring. The other is Beijing or Shanghai vehicle exhibition. Especially the Beijing Auto Show has attracted lots of foreign buyers. It is a very good show for foreigners to know Chinese vehicles that cover minibus.

For convenient and fast maintenance and, there are fast-moving parts shipped with every shipment. And in the local market, it is easy to get interchange parts also. Daily maintenance is not a problem for this minibus.

One time, this minibus got a problem in Bolivia. it is the half rear axle. They need 2pcs. This part is long and heavy. Packing is heavy that cause freight charge very costly. For saving cost, we suggest buyers try to get this part in the local market. This is the better way. With effort, the buyer finally got the part and work out the problem.

Easy daily minibus service is good to convince the buyer to buy it, this is a very good condition to make good sales for a minibus in the world. However, it is not easy to keep the full satisfaction of customers. It requests the supplier have a very solid foundation. This not only sets the high-quality standard but also sets a high service standard. We will continually make a great endeavor in being the leader of this scope.



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