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Best 8 passenger van 4 meters short-wheelbase VF4 – KINGSTAR minibus

Is KINGSTAR VF4 best 8 passenger van?  Let’s see the evaluation below.

The shape and style of KINGSTASR VF4 best 8 passenger vans are simple and refreshing, the whole body is exquisitely designed.  Among available body colors, the body painted with Danube blue paint is much younger.  Body size (length/width/height) is 4071×1677×1902mm, wheelbase is 2700 mm.  It has an advantage in body size and wheelbase.

mejor camioneta para 8 pasajeros


Compared with the traditional micro-surface vans, KINGSTAR VF4 best 8 passenger vans adopt a home style with a deep top and shallow bottom which looks warmer.  Its center console layout is also relatively coordinated and some areas are decorated with silver.  In terms of materials and workmanship, its performance is acceptable.

The central control board of best 8 passenger van

The interior of KINGSTAR VF4 best 8 passenger vans adopts a deep and shallow color matching style close to the aesthetics of the Chinese people.  While the layout of the center console is regular and generous.  The central control panel is outlined with silver decorative strips and the slightly upturned design is very humanized.  The knobs of the audio system and air conditioning system have moderate damping, so it is not difficult to operate.  The barrel-type instrument panel has a car-like charm.  The small blue LCD screen in the middle covers a number of information such as mileage, clock, oil quantity, and water temperature and the display effect is also clear.

mejor camioneta para 8 pasajeros

The air-conditioning panel adopts an inclined design that is more convenient for people to operate. All these make it have good performance in practicality and humanization.

The interior of the best 8 passenger van

When the experiencer with a height of 180cm experiences in the three rows of positions of KINGSTAR VF4 best 8 passenger vans, the performance of the interior space is acceptable.

Under normal conditions, the depth of the trunk is 400mm which can accommodate 24-inch and 20-inch suitcases simultaneously.  After folding the last row of seats forward, the depth of the trunk can be extended to 990 mm.  After folding the third row of seats forward and putting them into luggage cases of 28, 24, and 20 inches at the same time, there is still a lot of space left in the trunk.  On the whole, there is plenty of space in the trunk, so there is no problem for daily use.  In addition, the floor height from the ground and the tailgate opening height are also suitable, which makes it convenient for people to load and unload articles.

best 8 passenger van

The model we test-drive is equipped with a new generation 1.2L VVT engine of Wuling Liuji, combined with the Bosch ECU engine control system in Germany.  The engine model is LJ469Q-AE2 with a maximum power of 91 HP (67 kW) /6000rpm and a maximum torque of 118 nm /4000rpm.  And adopts the driving form of middle-set rear-drive.

The suspension of the best 8 passenger van

Suspension of KINGSTAR VF4 best 8 passenger vans is MacPherson independent suspension for the front and 5pcs leaf springs for the rear.  The rear suspension has a strong bearing capacity and is suitable for pulling goods.

In the whole process of the fuel consumption test, we chose congested road sections and unobstructed road sections which accounted for 50% respectively.  The average speed of the test was 31km/h, which took 4 hours.  Because of the hot weather, we chose to turn on the air conditioner.  Under the condition that only one driver carries passengers in the whole journey, it has traveled a total of 123.7 kilometers and consumed a total of 8.32L of gasoline, with average fuel consumption of about 6.7L per 100 kilometers.

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