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Do you know microbus in particular?  Would you like to know microbus particularly serving Hong Kong and Shenzhen? Today we going to share it with you.

Microbus particular refers to some mass transit vehicles with relatively small passenger capacity which generally carries about 9 to 24 passengers. The small bus in cities is mostly to assist big buses. The routes are the same as or complementary to big buses.

Generally, microbus particularly is used in a minibus which is named after its smaller size than big buses. 

Some minibus particularly uses bigger size, so they are also called public middle buses.

1. Microbus particular in HONGKONG

Hong Kong’s Microbus particularly (commonly known as Van) is an air-conditioned passenger vehicle with a capacity of 16 passengers.  It serves as an auxiliary and connecting means for buses and railways.  According to the current laws of Hong Kong, only 4,350 vehicles can operate in Hong Kong. According to the category of microbus particular license, it can be divided into “red ” and “green”.

2. Microbus particular in SHENZHEN

Under normal situations, the first-line minibus particle is mainly silver body and green roof.  The second-line microbus particle is mainly silver body and red roof.  The number of minibus particles traveling in the special zone starts with 4.  Total number of microbus particles crossing the second-line gate starts with 5.  The number of minibus particles traveling outside the second-line gate starts with 7 (Baoan District) or 9 (Longgang District).

Shenzhen has gradually changed the minibus particles which walk-in Guannei and passes through the second-line customs into big buses.  Many-particle minibus lines have been converted into big buses and some minibus particle lines have been canceled.  June 30, 2006, was the last day of operation of the minibus particles Line in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.  After that, there was no minibus particle operation in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.   The big bus line replacing the minibus particular line uses XX and 3XX segments, such as 402 → 82,428 → 377.

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microbus particular

Here is some specification for your reference first.

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