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Microbus Particular for Wholesale – China Supplier – KINGSTAR

Kindergarten school bus-front 2

EJ5 5.4 meter

  • Battery type: LFP (LHD/RHD)
  • 13 seats minibus
    2 seats cargo van
  • Price Range $30,000~40,000
  • Certification: Euro Certification
  • Looking for Distributor
Ambulance van- customization chart 2

EJ6 6 meter

  • Battery type: LFP (LHD/RHD)
  • 16 seats minibus
  • Price Range: $30,000~40,000
  • Certification: Euro Certification
  • Looking for Distributor


EW1 4.49meter

  • CATL battery
  • Max. Speed(km/h) ≥90 (LHD)
  • 11 Seats DOUBLE AC Cargo Van
  • 2-5 Seats FRONT AC
  • Price Range: $15,000~17,000

EBG3 5.03meter

  • Battery type: Lithium iron CATL
  • Max. Speed(km/h) 100 (LHD、RHD)
  • 2 Seater Cargo Van, 11 seats (Standard), 14 seats (option, with 3 folding seat)
  • Battery capacity (kWh): 50.23
  • Motor Type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Rated/Peak power (kW): 50/80
  • Price: $25,000~28,000

eVF4 4.071meter

  • LFP CALT Total Battery
  • Storage (kwh): 38.5 Max. Speed(km/h) ≥80
  • Wheelbase:2700mm
  • Seat: 2/5 cargo van
  • Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous
  • Price: $10,000-15,000

eVF5 4.421meter

  • LFP Total Battery
  • Storage (kwh): 41.86
  • Max. Speed(km/h) ≥80
  • Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous
  • Dimension: 4421*1677*1902mm
  • Wheelbase: 3050mm
  • Seat: Pure Electric 2 Seats Cargo Van
  • Price: $15,500-18,000.
CATL battery Cargo Van EY6 (LHD & RHD)
CATL battery Cargo Van EY6 (LHD & RHD)

eY6 5.915meter

  • Max speed: 100km/h
  • Wheelbase (mm): 3665
  • Max. Load(kg): 1250
  • Cargo volume(m3): 10.5
  • Synchronous
  • Driving Mileage (km):200
  • Wheelbase: 3050mm
  • Charging time (h):’10h(slow) 2 hour (quick)
  • Price: $42,000~48,000.

The core technology of new energy vehicles that is different from traditional vehicles is the “three-power” system. Namely, battery, motor, and electronic control.  There are pure electric vehicles, such as electric car, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, electric minibus, and so on.  China’s new energy vehicles account for about half of the world’s total.

Most Popular Microbus Particular for Sale:

Seat number and blind window can customize.

19 to 22 Seater minibus-VW6 same size main picture
19-22 Seater W6 6 meter Diesel LHD $20,000-22,000
16 seats minibus-J6 same size main picture
16 seats J5 5.4meter Gasoline LHD/RHD $ 14,000-22,000
12 to16 seater minibus-BG3 same size main picture
12-16 seater BG3 5 meter Euro 3&4 Diesel LHD
11 Seater minibus-VW5 same size main picture
11 Seater VW5 4.49meter Gasoline LHD $7,000-9,000
9 to16 Seater minibus-J5 same size main picture
16 seats EV eJ6 Battery type: LFP (LHD/RHD) $30,000~40,000

9 to 23 Seater minibus-Y7 same size main picture
9-23 seater Y7 Diesel LHD/RHD $30,000-40,000
9 to 16 seater minibus-eJ5 same size main picture
13 seats EJ5 5.4 meter Battery type: LFP (LHD/RHD) $30,000~40,000
7-11 Seater minivan eVF5 same size main picture
7-11 seats eVF5 4.421 meter Gasoline LHD RHD
Electric RHD $ 15,500-23,400
7-8 Seater minibus-VC4 same size main picture
7-8 seater VC4 4.01 meter Gasoline LHD $4,500-6,000
7 to 16 Seate rminibus-J6 same size main picture
7-16 seater J6 6 meter Gasoline LHD/RHD $15,000-24,000
7 to11 Seaterminibus-VC5 same size main picture
7-11 seat VC5 4.33 meter Gasoline LHD $6,200-6,400
7 to 16 seater minibus-BD6 same size main picture
7-16 BD6
7 seater minibus-J4 same size main picture
7 seat J4 4.8 meter Gasoline diesel LHD/RHD
9 to 23 Seater minibus-Y7 same size main picture
9-23 seater eY7 $54,000~60,000

12 to16 seater minibus-BG3 same size main picture
11 seater eBG3 Battery type: Lithium iron
2 seats cargo van(LHD&RHD) $25,000~28,000

We are manufacturer for Microbus Particular for sale. If you are the distributor who want to buy Microbus Particular in large quantity, Please contact with us.

Microbus Particular for sale Pictures(interior, exterior, seat, steering wheel, inside picture and so on)

Price Policy for Distributor

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Shuttle Bus Wholesale Price List


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Do you know microbus particular?  Would you like to know it serves Hong Kong and Shenzhen?

Microbus particular refers to some mass transit vehicles with relatively small passenger capacity which generally carries about 9 to 24 passengers.  The bus operating in cities is mostly assisted by big buses, the routes are the same as or complementary to big buses.

Generally, microbus particular are used in minibus which is named after its smaller size than big buses.  Some use bigger size, so they are also called public middle buses.

1. Microbus particular in HONGKONG

Hong Kong’s Microbus particular (commonly known as Van) is an air-conditioned passenger vehicle with a capacity of 16 passengers.  It serves as an auxiliary and connecting means for buses and railways.  According to the current laws of Hong Kong, only 4,350 vehicles can operate in Hong Kong.  Per the category of license, it can be divided into “red ” and “green”.

2. Microbus particular in SHENZHEN

Under normal situation, the first line is mainly silver body and green roof.  The second line is mainly silver body and red roof. 

Shenzhen has gradually changed the microbus particles which walks in Guannei and passes through the second-line customs into big buses.  Many of lines have been converted into big buses and some lines have been cancelled.  June 30, 2006 was the last day of operation of Line in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.  After that, there was no operation in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.   The big bus line replacing the line uses XX and 3XX segments, such as 402 → 82,428 → 377.

Do you like this kind of bus?  We have different types, such as KINGSTAR BG3 12-16 seats. 

Here is some specification for your reference first.

Feel free to contact with us if you would like to know more about this microbus particular.

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Various Applications

  • Passenger public transportation
  • Business car rental
  • Hotel shuttle
  • Tourist car rental
  • Enterprise shuttle bus rental
  • School car rental
  • Airport pickup car rental
  • Logistic transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Family use
  • Special purpose: such as ambulance, police car, post car, Prison car, freezer van, Wheelchair minibus, School Bus
  • Community Activities,
  • Small Group Events Use
  • Transport Van, transit
  • Logistics vehicles
  • Passenger Van Rental





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