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In KINGSTAR vehicles ranges, the commercial car series mainly includes minibusses (includes minibus airport transfers). Such as J4, J5, VF4, VF5, Y6, Y7, BG3, BG4, and BG5. The cars that KINGSTAR represents are very popular with a large number of users; due to their strengths in modeling, configurations, quality, and fuel economy.

Introduction of Y6 minibus airport transfers

The Y6 minibus airport transfer is a high-standard bus following the European design, we also call it MPV. The Y6 minibus airport transfers include short, medium, and long-wheelbase commercial or passenger buses. They equipped with 3TZ gasoline engines and well-known Weichai engines. The safety; fuel consumption; vibration; noise; comfort; controllability, and other performance aspects of this minibus airport transfers all conform to an advanced international level. Like the Sprinter-type passenger van, it is a warm welcome in the markets, won high recognition from users.

The Y6 platform models mainly include the logistics truck series, bus series, school bus series. As well as various special vehicles series and chassis series. This model is a universal model that gives consideration to families, business, and logistical use.

minibus airport transfers

Representative Model: KINGSTAR Y6 minibus airport transfers

Dimension: 5995×2040×2632 mm

Engine: 3TZ

Max. torque (N.m): 260

Engine emission: Euro IV

Seats (person): 6-23

Star point for the Y6 minibus airport transfers:

The chassis of the Y6 minibus use the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis during the joint venture with Mercedes-Benz of Germany. And the appearance is completely in line with the classic style of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter!

What is the main features of the Y6 minibus airport transfers?

The chassis of the Y6 is a pure commercial bus chassis, it comes with:

  • Four-wheel independent suspension
  • 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels
  • The rear tail door is equipped with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter’s same type of ladder.
  • The vehicle shock absorber can reduce the vibration. Which generated by the rugged road, and has high comfort, and is suitable for long-distance travel.
  • In addition, the Y6 minibus has ultra-low fuel consumption. The measured fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 9L. While the experienced old driver can easily control it within 9L!
How is power performance for this Y6 minibus airport transfers?

The power connection and shifting are very smooth, the power is abundant. The response is positive and makes the driving feels light. It even gives the illusion of driving a sedan car.

How is the quality of the Y6 minibus airport transfers?

The active and passive safety configuration of the Y6 minibus will definitely make you feel more at ease. This car adopts a cage-like steel body structure. The body is made of 70% high-strength steel without cutting and splicing. It has passed collision and roll tests. The exterior of the car Equipped with an impact energy-absorbing device. The engine will automatically sink when an external force hits the car’s body. And the steel plate will absorb the impact energy to protect the drivers and passengers from secondary injuries. The Y6 model has passed the “high temperature”; “plateau” and “alpine” three high tests to ensure its traffic throughout the region.

The models are characterized by their sophistication and stability. Capaciousness and comfort, high efficiency and energy saving, as well as reliable safety and outstanding environmental protection. For the Y6 minibus, it has passed ISO9001 quality certification, Australia ADR certification, U.S. DOT certification, and European ECE certification. With high quality, it won a high reputation from the markets.



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