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Top minivans with high torque and lower fuel consumption from KINGSTAR

What do the top minivans look like? Do you want to have a try for the top minivans? If you are considering buying an SUV or a minivan? Today’s sharing may help you somehow.

Minivan is a great choice for a family outgoing, it is very practical. SUV looks more strong, more fashion but the fuel type is not the best, some of the vehicles even don’t have a good seating experience. Which one is more suitable for you?

Space comparison

There is a big cargo space behind the third-row seats, this means even you are fully loaded passengers you still have space to put your baby car, groceries, suitcase, and other things. Obviously, such a big space for cargo loading is not possible for SUVs. So, the minivan is more suitable for those who need large cargo space.

Fuel type efficiency

According to the research, most minivans are equipped with low fuel consumption engines. Most of the minivans are driving in an urban area or suburban area, so these minivans are more fuel-saving than what you look at. In another hand, SUVs, especially the high-performance version. Almost equipped with a V8 engine, these high horsepower engines support big power for the SUV. When on difficult conditions road, the high fuel consumption issue comes….

Top minivans from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter from China. We have various vehicle models, and all of our products are highly loved by our clients. Today we are going to share with you one of our hot sale top minivans models of VF4.

VF4 7-8seats minibus minivan

This is a German standard manufacturing concept, first-class production lines and technology result in a superior quality minivan. This minivan equipped with a new generation advanced VVT engine, which has a high horsepower but low fuel consumption. The big space of 4.5 m³ attracted a lot of our clients. The big space could load 690kg which is superior to the same class vehicles.

top minivans

We have three versions of this minivan, the standard version, the luxury version and the super luxury version. The interior of different versions are quite beautiful.

The specifications of the minivan

This is a gasoline engine minivan, the dimension of the minivan is 4,071 * 1,677 *1,902mm. The wheelbase of the minivan is 2,700mm. The gross vehicle weight of the minivan is 1,850kg, the seating capacity of the minivan is 7-8seats, the fuel tank capacity is 40L.

The system of the minivan

This minivan equipped a 5 speed manual gearbox. The minivan equipped a front MacPherson independent suspension and rear leaf springs suspension. The braking system of the minivan is front disc rear drum brake, with dual-circuit hydraulics. The tires on the minivan are 175/70 R14 LT, the max vehicle speed of the minivan is ≥130km per hour.

The engine of the minivan

The engine mode of the minivan is LJ469Q-AE2, it is a 4 cylinders in line, VVT(Variavle Valve Timing)/EGR type. The displacement of the engine is 1249cc. The max power of the minivan is 67/6000kW/r/min; the max torque of the minivan is 118/4000N.m/r/min.

The color of the minivan

We have silver, gold, blue, white and gray color for your consideration.

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