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Those people who always take the plane for business also wondering why the airport is so far from the downtown? The airport is always in the sub-urban or near the city. Do you have an airport minibus near you? Today KINGSTAR will take about the airport minibus near me models.

Why the airport is always so far from the city?

Firstly, airports can be divided into “non-restricted” and “restricted” areas, as planes need long runways and large areas to park and land. Non-restricted areas include car parks, public transport stations, oil storage areas, and outlying roads. While restricted areas include all aircraft access areas, including runways, taxiways, tarmac, and oil storage depots. Most airports have strict controls in the middle of the non-go zone. Passengers entering the restricted area must pass through the terminal. Where they can purchase tickets, undergo security screening, check or claim baggage, and board through the boarding gate.

Secondly, most planes are with a very big noise when taking off from the land. Which will affect citizens if they are in urban areas. Noise from powerful aero-engines can be very harmful, so airports should be kept away from populated areas.

Thirdly, the surrounding environment influences. The power and the direction of the wind have enormous influence when aircraft take-off and landing. In most cases, the power and direction of the wind will determine the location and the runway of the airport. On the other hand, it will depend on the terrain of the airport, and dozens of kilometers around is also included as aircraft requires an appropriate gradient curve when off and land.

Fourthly, prevent the accident. The speed of the plane is very fast, the speed over 900kilometer, and the landing speed is around 200kilometers. Therefore, the airport is just on the edge of the city in case there is an accident that could bring down the disaster.

Since the airport is far away from the city, you may need an airport minibus that can pick you up no matter what time is it. Today I will share the airport minibus near me with you.

KINGSTAR airport minibus

KINGSTAR is a professional automobile exporter of China who has exported vehicles to over 90 countries and regions in the past 18years. Especially shipped many airport minibuses to overseas market.

Airport Minibus Near Me

Model VC5 is a typical minibus that is used for airport minibus or church activities and company activities. It is a McPherson independent front suspension and five-leaf springs rear suspension minibus which can make high carrying capacity. The seating capacity could be from 7 to 11seats. The designer has maximum utilized the limited space of the car to meet the different demands of driving, seating, and loading.

The system of the airport minibus near me

This minibus equipped a high-efficiency engine with more power and more fuel saving. We have two gasoline engines for your selection. One is 4-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, DOHC, 16-valves and another one is 4-cylinder in line, aluminum engine. KINGSTAR equipped a manual 5 speed and 1 reverse, synchronizing gearbox on this minibus. The front is McPherson independent suspension, the rear is parallel leaf spring and absorber suspension. The braking system is a front disc and rear drum brake. The minimum turning radius is 5.2m, the max vehicle speed is 130km per hour. The tires on this minibus are 175/70R14LT.

Airport Minibus Near Me

The dimension and weight of the airport minibus near me

The overall dimension of the minibus is 4,330 * 1,650 * 1,915mm. The wheelbase of the minibus is 2,850mm, the ground clearance of the minibus is 160mm. The vehicle weight of the minibus is 1,175kg, the gross vehicle weight of the minibus is 1,865kg. The fuel tank capacity of the minibus is 45L.

The color choice of the airport minibus near me

We have white, silver, black, yellow, blue, and red color for your selection.



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