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Great Power and Amazing Max Torque Pickup is on sale

What is pickup? It is the transliteration of the American noun. The utility model is a light truck with a roofless cargo box at the rear of the cab. And the side plate of the cargo box is connected with the cab. It’s a van with a car in the front and a cargo box in the back. Today KINGSTAR will share the pickup information (Brief introduction, classification, and characteristics) and pick up models with you.

Brief introduction of a pickup

Pickup trucks are a very important component of car marketing. Pickup is a car adapted to the sedan head and driving room of the front, but also with an open truck compartment vehicle. It is characterized by both the comfort of a car, but also strong power. And better than the capacity of the sedan as it can carry cargo and with great adaptability to the poor roads. The most common type of pickup truck is double cabin pickup. Pickup trucks can be used as special vehicles, multi-vehicles, business vehicles, commercial vehicles. But also as a family car, used for loading, tourism, rental, and other use. A pickup truck is a cross vehicle between a car and a truck. With the expansion of modification enthusiasts, pickup truck modification has become more and more popular. In America, pickups are very hot sale vehicles.

Pickup truck products first appeared in the United States in the 1920s. It is very practical and common transportation in the United States. Which was deeply loved by Americans. It is a symbol of the Modern Cowboy culture in the United States. As the U.S. market for pickup trucks has boomed, pickups have spread to other parts of the world.

The classification of pickup

From the technical level pickup can be divided into Japanese (Toyota series, Nissan series, Isuzu series, Mazda series, etc.) and American (GM series, Ford series, etc.); From the point of view of product grade: pickup trucks can be divided into high, middle, low three; At the point of view of structural design, can be divided into the standard double cabin and single cabin pick-up, van pick-up (multi-functional SUV, economical SUV) and etc. The most common models in the market are standard double cabin pick-up trucks and economical (SUV) pick-up vans.

In the early 1990s, with the development of international popular models. Pick-up trucks began to enter China, China’s pick-up truck development speed is very fast. Most brands have standard, luxury, and super luxury three levels of vehicle production capability. China pick-up truck manufacturers have reached more than 30 enterprises.

The characteristics of the pickup

Pick-up with great advantages.

First of all, it has both the dual characteristics of home vehicles and commercial vehicles (passenger and cargo dual-use). With significant unit and family tool car characteristics;

Secondly, it is the variety of configurations to meet a wider range of needs (two or four doors, long or short, two or four-wheel drive, petrol or diesel engines). Compared with cars, it has the advantages of carrying and passing, compared with light trucks and micro trucks, it has the advantages of safety and driving comfortability.

The trend of pickup development

Nowadays, the consumption of high-end luxury pickups is rising rapidly. And the function is changing to middle and senior-level cars and multi-purpose vehicles. With the changing lifestyle of the Chinese increased, pick-up truck models have been sought after by many Chinese. In particular, some wealthy domestic class is not satisfied with the status of sports cars and SUVs, but pursuit the maverick style of large pick-up trucks.


We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter of China. We have various models of vehicles. Pick-up is one of our hot sale models, today we will share one of the hot sale models with you.


This is our model H1S double cabin pickup. For this model, we have 2WD and 4WD, which are both in a gasoline engine. We have sport and luxury versions for your selection. The outlined dimension of the vehicle is 5,370 * 1,70 * 1,805mm, the cargo box dimension of the vehicle is 1,615 * 1,520 * 465mm. The wheelbase of the vehicle is 3,200mm. The minimum ground clearance of the vehicle is 210mm. The max speed of the vehicle is 150km per hour. The gross weight of the vehicle is 2,765kg, the curb weight of the vehicle is 1,840kg. The load capacity of the vehicle is 600kg. The displacement of the vehicle is 2.378L, the power of the vehicle is 105KW, the torque of the vehicle is 200N.m. This vehicle is equipped with a 5MT gearbox.


Our products have been exported to over 90 countries and regions in the past 18years. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing.

For more information about the pickup or any other models, please feel free to send us your inquiry.



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