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How many bus types do you know? Do you know that also bus has the classification? Today we have 54 Seats Passenger Bus For Sale to introduce to you.

In general, buses aim to provide maximum passenger capacity. Most of the spaces are equipped with seats, corridors and other spaces are also for passengers to stand. 

In addition, buses can be divided into the following categories according to their mechanical operation, appearance design, etc.

1. Classifications by pattern

1.1. Double-decker bus

Carriages are divided into two levels and carry more passengers. In general, a single-decker bus with a length of 10 meters, the permissible standing is suitable for transporting about 60 passengers. While a double-decker bus of similar length can carry about 130 passengers. London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, Mumbai, and other cities are using a large number of double-decker buses.  Among them, the Routemaster, which has been in service in London since the 1950s, has become a landmark of the city.

In response to the EU requirement that all buses in Europe should be low floor buses after 2016 for the convenience of the infirm elderly passengers. All Routemaster was retired at the end of 2005.  Some double-decker buses are called “open buses”, which have no roof on their upper floors and are in use by tourists to view the scenery along the way. There is also an “open bus” service connecting the Peak Tramway Terminal to the Central of Hong Kong. The Taipei City Bus Department in Taiwan once bought double-decker buses, but no longer bought them because of their height and other problems.

Passenger Bus For Sale

1.2 Articulated bus:

Some buses have two sections to increase their length and capacity, with retractable joints between the two sections (similar to the joints between trains) to assist steering. These buses, known as articulated buses which are popular throughout North America. In mainland China, it is called “articulated bus”, “passage bus” or “huge dragon bus”.  It’s common in Beijing and Chengdu cities. In the mid-1980s, Shenyang Bus Factory produced the first “double articulated bus” in China, with the length of 23 meters. It was mass-produced and used for a long time as of bus lines in Shenyang and Dalian city.  In recent years, European manufacturers have produced “double bus”, “double articulated bus” and so on. The longest bus in the world, the Volvo B12M bus in Brazil, which is 26.8 meters long, is a double-articulated bus. China also produces a double-articulated bus, model of Youngman JNP6250G, which is 25meters long.  

Passenger Bus For Sale
Low floor bus:

Low floor bus became popular in the late of 20th century. 

The carriages are closer to the road than the old ones and have no steps. The bus with a whole low platform so-called low floor bus. 

These buses are with facilities to accommodate passengers with limited moveability (e.g. those in wheelchairs). This is to shorten the on and off bus timing. 

Low floor buses are common in Hong Kong. The Kowloon Bus of Hong Kong was the first to bring in low floor bus. With the increasing demand for barrier-free transport in Hong Kong and the opening of the new airport. Bus companies are required to serve the airport line with low floor buses by Government. Since then, Hong Kong bus companies only purchase environmentally friendly low-floor buses. In mainland China, low floor/entrance buses are still not popular and only travel on individual routes in a few major cities.  Beijing may have the highest ratio of low-floor buses on the mainland. This city was also the first fleet of low-floor buses which was purchased in 2008, reportedly in preparation for the 2008 Olympics at that time.  

Passenger Bus For Sale

2. Classifications by size:

Double-decker bus normally divided to 10meters and 12 meters.

2.1 Single-decker large bus: normally refers to those around 11meters or above, or loading 60 passengers bus. This bus is quite normal in the urban area.

2.2 Single-decker medium-sized bus: normally refers to those 9meters or 10meters, loading capacity around 30 to 40 passengers bus. 

 2.3 Single-decker minibus: normally minibus size will smaller than regular bus, the size is around 8meters or below, loading capacity from 8 to 20 passengers.

3. Passenger bus for sale from KINGSTAR

Passenger Bus For Sale
3.1 The characteristics of the passenger bus for sale

This semi-monocoque body structure model we called Y12A with 54 seat bus (including 1 driver seat). The dimension is 12010x2550x3900mm, the gross weight is 18,000kg.

3.1.1 This passenger bus is with economical front engine, is specially designed for the Latin America and Africa market.

3.1.2 Besides the concise and generous appearance, it also has very competitive prices and practical configurations.

3.1.3 The rigorous design make it perform well on the tough road situation and offers a good trip experience.

3.1.4 The enlarged compartment room and the satisfying heat radiating performance are also a great advantage of this passenger bus for sale.

3.2 The interior of the passenger bus for sale

 The interior of the passenger bus is quite simple but classic. The dashboard with classic black color, leather seat with brown color is quite a match. For the seat, we have standard material of the soft fabric, a soft leather seat will an optional choice with different price.

3.3 The system of the passenger bus for sale

The gearbox of the passenger bus is 6-speed manual transmission, the clutch is φ430 diaphragm spring clutch. The suspension of the passenger bus is a leaf spring suspension with a stabilizer bar. The brake system of this passenger bus is a dual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS, retarder. The tires are 12R22.5, and the max speed of the bus is 120km/h.

3.4 The engine of the passenger bus for sale

Below information about the engine for your reference:

Model: WP10.336

Fuel type: Diesel

Displacement: 9.726L

Rated power(kw/rpm): 247/1900

Max. torque(N.m/rpm): 1550/1200-1500

Tank(L): 260 or larger

3.5 The feature of the passenger bus for sale

If you have a specific need or request accommodated that you don’t see listed, please feel free to contact us.



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