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KINGSTAR new Minivan Truck

In recent years, China’s new minivan truck market has become one of the fastest-growing vehicle types in China’s automobile industry and has become the main force in China’s automobile production and consumer market.

new Minivan Truck

In the fierce competition in the minivan truck market, KINGSTAR new minivan truck, which has always maintain a high reputation. It has been promoted to the industry benchmark with its strong power and cost-effectiveness, and has become a recognized “business transportation expert”.

1. As a truck, the breakthrough in the carrying space is undoubtedly the improvement of core competitiveness.

KINGSTAR’s new minivan truck adds weight to its market competitiveness in the freight space. The newly upgraded KINGSTAR new minivan truck has an oversized cargo box.

1.1 The newly upgraded KINGSTAR new minivan truck has a body size of 4435mm×1560mm×1825mm with 2700mm×1440mmx340mm oversized cargo box, and allows users to have more flexible space in loading goods.

1.2 KINGSTAR’s new minivan truck body size is 4600mm×1560mm×1840mm with a double-row seat, taken care of both man and cargo. It can use freely in daily goods pulling, moving, transportation, etc. It is a good helper in life, giving business development a “large space”.

2. Of course, the transportation of large cargo needs super power support.

2.1 KINGSTAR’s new minivan truck is also dedicating to power upgrades. Its DK12 series engine is a power-type engine(Click to see KINGSTAR VF4 with advanced VVT engine and high horsepower), and the large power brings surprise effects in carrying cargo. Its maximum power is 65kw, peak torque is 108N•m, carrying large and heavy cargo can also run freely.

2.2 In addition, its low fuel consumption is also a highlight.

KINGSTAR’s new cargo van truck adopts PDA controllable fuel technology. The fuel effect is sufficient, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 7L. Powerful, fuel-efficient, and worry-free, it can be called an accelerator for users’ business.

3. Under the premise of more cargo loading, in addition to power support, a stronger carrying capacity is also required.

4. The whole beam of KINGSTAR’s new cargo van truck adopts the main and auxiliary beam structure of KINGSTAR’s new heavy truck.

7 horizontal and 2 vertical chassis, thickened and widened leaf springs, perfect support for large space cargo needs. Its reinforced transmission shaft, half shaft, and rear axle design create a higher transmission efficiency, Well-designed, born for cargo loading conditions.  

Such a strong carrying capacity provides users with a faster and more convenient, time-saving and safe carrying experience, and steadily supports the “important task” of the business.

5. While “carrying” the important task of the business, KINGSTAR’s new minivan truck is also doing enough homework on safety.

The vehicle body adds longitudinal protection steel beams and lateral protection channel steel, and at the same time thickens the body on the side to achieve super anti-impact ability. All-round, multi-angle, high-strength, and safe body structure, escorting the whole body.

KINGSTAR’s new minivan truck strengthens the body from the inside out. And spent a lot of attention on driving safety and let users go as they please on the road of career development. Moreover, it brings peace of mind to their families.

The newly upgraded KINGSTAR new minivan truck creates more efficient and convenient freight transportation in terms of space, power, and carrying capacity while escorting users in terms of safety, enhancing the experience in an all-round way, and opening up new areas for business.



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