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Check The Bright 34 Seats City Bus for Sale From KINGSTAR

1, What is city bus for sale?

City bus refers to the bus which carries passengers running on city road with a fixed route, with or without regular shifts. The general shape is a rectangle, with windows and seats (normally is PVC seats). During the urban areas, buses run at the speed of 25~50 km/h and up to 80 km/h in the suburbs. Also known as public bus or bus, and “bus” is the abbreviation of public transportation; In Taiwan, China, it is also called a bus, passenger bus, or minibus; In Hong Kong or Macao China, it is called bus most.

2, City bus introduction

Generally speaking, buses are the most common form of public transportation. With the development of urbanization and motorization, the urban population and area are constantly increasing. Sure the demand for public transportation is growing rapidly, which requires public transportation enterprises to invest in more passenger cars. Data from 2010 that with an average annual increase of at least 30,000~40,000unit city buses will be added for use. Actually, the increasing data is 55,000unit plus the scrap and the renewal of the city bus per year. The city bus is mostly for the purpose of meeting the basic level of people to going to work. The low price of the bus created good transportation for the common people to work.

3, The history of city bus

The origins of the city bus can be traced back at least to the year 1826. At that time, a retired army officer opened a flour mill on the outskirts of Nantes in northwest France. A public bathing place for people to bathe in hot water which discharged from a steam engine, and provide carriage service to the city center. When he found that people could use his stagecoach along the way, he started a bus route between these hotels, allowing passengers and mail to travel freely along the way.

City Bus for Sale

Paris is the first city that using city bus, following is London. An omnibus showed up in the street of London was owned by an English person named George Shillibeer. Less than a decade, it was popularized in France, England, and all big cities on the east coast of the United States (For example Paris, Lyons, London, and New York).

In general, the bus has a huge impact on the whole society. It plays the most basic role in promoting city development. City bus made people also had an experience of never has such a close relationship before. It also shortened the distance between the urban and the neighboring villages and towns.

In the 19th century, the city bus was drawn by horses. At that time, the surface of the road limited the comfort of the buses. The invention of the tram is the strong rival of a city bus. Because buses ran on uneven stone roads while tram can run on smooth tracks.

Till the beginning of the 20th century, experiments with motorized transportation were successful and buses began to run on engines.  For environmental reasons, electric buses are gradually replacing diesel buses. By 2020, some buses will still run on diesel engines.  

With so many information of city bus, do you know where you could get the city bus for sale?

4, The introduction of city minibus for sale

This city bus for sale is one of our most popular city buses. Model C9 with a seating capacity of 34 seats, standard classic white color makes people feel refreshed and comfortable.

City Bus for Sale

4.3 The specifications of the city bus for sale

The dimension of C9 is 8880x2380x3200mm, the gross weight is 12300kg, the seating capacity will be 33+1 (driver seat), and the body structure is a semi-monocoque body structure.

4.4 The system of the city bus for sale

4.5 The engine of the city bus for sale

4.6 The feature of the city bus for sale

We have standard features of integrated inner trimming, curtains beside the window, lights, non-independent roof-mounted A/C. For comfort, we also equipped a CD player with a radio and MP3 USB port for this bus.

Above is the simple introduction of C9. If you are searching for a smaller seat capacity like 20 or 10 seat capacity, or a larger seat capacity like 40, 50 seat capacity, please contact us. We have all kinds of city buses for your consideration.

Besides city bus, we also have other types such as SUV, MPV, minibus, coach, passenger bus, minivan, cargo van and etc.

We could also provide OEM for bus logo modification and other services. For more optional choices, or if you have a specific need or request accommodated that you don’t see listed, please feel free to contact us.



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