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Safety Tips of Travel When You On The Tourist bus

Last time we talked about the tips about tourist bus, some of you told us that we could share more information about the tips, today I am going to show you some different tips especially when you on a tourist bus.

When you go out to travel, what will you worried most? What should you be attentive to when you on a tourist bus?

  1. Tips for traveling by a tourist bus

First of all, fasten your seat belts. The safety belt is a practical and effective device to prevent and reduce the damage degree of traffic accidents. The seatbelt combined passenger and car, preventing passengers from hitting windows or being thrown out of the tourist bus.

Secondly, do not drink any drinks from others, it is to keep yourself safe especially when you are alone. Or do not eat beans, peanuts, and similar food as they are so easy to choke into the windpipe when driving, especially those little kids. 

Thirdly, you’d better do not sleep on a tourist bus, not only you may miss the beautiful scenery, but also sleeping is not good for an emergency situation. Proof by facts, especially for those traffic accidents, a sober passenger is less likely injured than a lethargic one.

Finally, do not play or shouting. During the driving journey, do not put any of your body out of the window when the bus is running, to avoid scratching by opposite car or roadside trees. During the driving, do not chatting with the driver or disturb the driver, do not open doors and the emergency facilities in the tourist bus.          

These are the safety tips from KINGSTAR when you taking a tourist bus. Hope these tips would be helpful for you and keep your travel safe to the greatest degree.

  • Models of buses from KINSTAR

We have types of models, such as minibus, tourist bus, minivan, SUV, MPV, truck and etc. The introduction of today is tourist bus. Safety and comfort are the priority things during the journey.

  • 54 seats tourist bus introduction

This tourist bus with 54 seats is with economical front-engine, this bus is specially designed for the Latin America and Africa marketing. Besides the concise and generous appearance, it also has competitive prices and practical configurations. The rigorous design allows it to perform well on the tough road situation and offers a good trip experience. The enlarged compartment room and the satisfying heat radiating performance both make this bus deserving to have one. 

Left-hand driving is the standard equipment, right-hand driving will be also acceptable at different prices.

Tourist bus

3.1 The specification of model Y12A tourist bus

This bus is specially made for travel, the dimension is 12010x2550x3900mm, the gross weight is 18000kg. This is a semi-monocoque body structure bus and the seating person will be 53+1(driver seat).

3.2 The system of model Y12A

The gearbox of this bus is 6-speed manual transmission, below detailed information for your reference.

3.3 The engine of model Y12A

Engine model of this bus is WP10.336, fuel type is diesel, the displacement is 9.726L. The rated power is 247/1900(kw/rpm), the max torque is 1550/1200-1500 (N.m/rpm), tank capacity is 260L or larger.

3.4 The feature of model Y12A

These are our standard feature of the bus. For optional choice, you may contact with us. We also provide the customized service, such as LOGO modification or OEM and etc.

5. 56 seats tourist bus introduction

Different from Y12A, this Y14 with more seats and the structure is also different. This bus is pioneer masterpiece of one-and-a-half floor series for road and tourism passenger transportation. With advantages of U-style monocoque body structure, high strength sheradizing steel and golden power assembly to lead the trend of coach marketing. The design of lightweight body structure, star cloud smart bus operating system and other technological applications reduce energy consumption efficiently. In the meanwhile, comparing to traditional vehicle, its elaborate design of one-and-a-half floor enhancing six seats and the luggage compartment wit oversized volume create more promising prospect for profit-making.

Tourist bus
Tourist bus

5.1 The exterior and interior of Y14 56seats tourist bus

With a look of the stars on the bus, the intense city working pressure just disappeared. Inside the bus, the seat contrast color match of cream color and red is quite seductive. With classic black dashboard and steering wheel, it was perfect. Driver and passenger’s seat are soft and comfortable, which makes your journey be more enjoyable.

Tourist bus

5.2 The specification of Y14

The dimension of the bus is 13670x2550x3860mm, the gross weight is 22000kg. This is a monocoque body structure with U beam, seating capacity will be 55+1(driver seat).

5.3 The system of Y14 bus

The gearbox is 6-speed manual transmission, the cluch is φ430 diaphragm spring clutch. Suspension is air suspension, the brake system is dual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS, retarder. Tires is 295/80R22.5 and the max speed will be 120km/h.

5.4 The engine of Y14

5.5 The feature of Y14

These two models of tourist bus we recommended for you are belongs to our most popular models. No matter the exterior of the bus but also the interior of the bus. Y12A 54 seats bus is quite classic, for Y14 seats bus is beautiful and fashionable. You may choose it depends on your requirements.



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