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Kingstar old version 15 seater minibus reach up to annual sales quantity 1000 units

Start from 2011, this old version of Kingstar 15 seater minibus exported 150units. After that, each year the sales quantity mounted to 500units. By exporting to various countries, such as Egypt, Angola, the Bahamas, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Dominica, Ecuador, Fiji, Gambia, Haiti…Mauritius, the Marshall Islands, Madagascar, Lebanon, Qatar, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, this mode of old version 15 seater minibus reach up to 1000units per year from 2014 Year.

exported 150units

But now, Kingstar issued upgrade notification for this mode of old version, there will be new version comes out instead of the old one.

We are focusing on the future development of the minibus. What should be the prosperous future of the minibus?

New energy is for the future!

Green is for the future!

Environmental protective is for the future!

Smart is for the future!

Auto is for the future!

Kingstar minibus is keeping upgrading of the minibus modes and walk gradually and steadily towards the prosperous future. The operation of city minibusses will further promote the application of all-electric minibusses. It makes positive contributions to the development of the new energy vehicle industry globally.

We are keeping improving our standard!

We would improve the new minibus from the product quality, sales price, after-sales service and makes Kingstar stood out from its peers. The result of the minibus, good operation status, and relatively low operating cost makes will be the most focusing inspection items. These are also the advantages brought by new energy buses. It plans to further expand the proportion of new energy buses in production. The minibus’s performance is also a key concern Kingstar. After more than two years of actual operation, Kingstar has not only fully withstood the low-temperature tests. However, it also demonstrated good performance in terms of safety, reliability, and ride comfort, which has been highly praised by drivers and passengers.

It is worth mentioning that the operation of the new version of the minibus is an important index for Kingstar minibus to improve its service level. Moreover, to build a green and environment-friendly city.



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