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The first batch of small coach bus to Peru

The first batch of 6 units KINGSTAR small coach bus to Peru were loaded in a container for shipment on Mar 2, 2009.

 small coach bus

Due to the increasingly fierce competition in the passenger transport market, the market demand for large and medium-sized passenger cars were declining year by year. Moreover, the demand for short-distance intercity and small passenger cars has become more and more obvious. Fast running and cost-saving for the vehicles have become the mainstream. Because of the road condition, the streets in Peru are narrow and crowd. Thus, KINGSTAR launched the small coach bus to meet the needs of the local Peruvian market in an all-around way. KINGSTAR small coach bus model contains features advantages of comfort and operational efficiency, helping buyers achieving small investment and large revenue.

The advantages of minibus:

The biggest advantage of this minibus is its small size and good passability. It can freely shuttle through the streets and alleys. This small coach bus has two body lengths for selection: 4960mm long with wheelbase 2590mm, 5260mm long with a wheelbase 2890mm; body width in 1700mm, such body size for the small coach bus is very suitable for running on narrow roads in urban areas.

 small coach bus

The price for the minibus is very favorable for the market, the unit FOB price is between USD7000-USD10000. There are 6 configurations of this minibus for selection: standard, comfort, and luxury type, each with a standard roof, semi-high roof, and high roof. The high roof model type small coach bus is more comfortable for passengers.

A flexible seat layout for this minibus can meet various needs: 6 seats, 9 seats, 11 seats, 15 seats, and 16 seats. The seat for this small coach bus is wrapped in fabric material. It is soft to the touch, and all seats are with seat belts to make the occupants safer. In addition, leather seats are available also for this minibus.

Beautiful and dynamic, with reliable performance.

KINGSTAR small coach bus is beautiful and dynamic, with reliable performance. The side anti-collision decorative strips and luxurious rear combination lights make the whole small coach bus model uncomplicated and stylish. The interior for this minibus is elegant, with dark and light colors console for selection, and the optional wooden interior, adjustable six-way seats, and comfortable safety headrests enhance the comfort of the driving room.

In order to facilitate the driver’s control, KINGSTAR has this minibus with a number of electronic control system and assisting operation systems. It includes remote control door locks, power steering, air conditioning with rear side air outlets, electric rearview mirrors, and electric windows, etc. In addition, KINGSTAR small coach buses are with 15-inch iron wheels as standard. There are also various metallic paint colors available for this small coach bus: red, blue, silver, black, green, and yellow.

Euro II emission engine and minlitary quality:

KINGSTAR small coach bus equips with Euro II emission engine, the diesel JE493Q1 engine, displacement 2.771 liters. It is also with maximum power 78hp, maximum torque 174N.m, and economic fuel consumption. In addition, this minibus can also be equipped with a gasoline XG491Q-ME engine with a displacement of 2237cc. As well as maximum power of 103hp, and a maximum torque of 193 N.m. The two kinds of engines for this minibus were familiar to the local users. It could easily get common use parts in local markets. Customers can choose different configurations of this small coach bus according to their needs. It can really realize the purpose of small investment and big benefits.

Produced by the manufacturer with profound military manufacturing technology, this minibus has unique military quality, stable and durable. By taking advantage of its own chassis technology, the manufacturer has made a number of technical improvements to the chassis of this small coach bus. Moreover, it has undergone multiple tests to make this minibus more stable and durable. Moreover, to meet the requirements of high loading capacity and various complex road driving.

Kingstar will strengthen its team building, follow up overseas sales in an all-around way. Furthermore, to provide after-sales service support for customers for this minibus in the markets. Let us wait and see how the market feedback for this small coach bus will be.



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