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In October, China’s automobile export from all car company reached a new high

Since the beginning of this year, China’s automobile export from all car company has shown a high opening and high going trend, fluctuating upward trend.

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In October, China’s automobile export once again set a new monthly export volume record.

Per the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, in October 2021, China exported 220,000 vehicles from all car company. With an export value of 3.843 billion US dollars. After August, it set a new monthly export record again. In the first 10 months, exported 1.712 million vehicles, with an export value of US$ 27.779 billion. Up by 107.0% and 128.0% respectively, and contributed 4.0% to the overall export growth of mechanical and electrical products.

In June, August, and October, the monthly export volume of 190,000 vehicles, 210,000 vehicles. And 220,000 vehicles successively set new historical records. It is rare in the same period of history. Under the background of sluggish sales in the domestic market, shortage of chip supply. And insufficient utilization of production capacity, export provides a strong guarantee for stabilizing industrial development and driving supply chain rebalancing. It is estimated that in 2021, China’s automobile export volume from all car company is expected to exceed 2 million. With an export value of nearly 32 billion US dollars.

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