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KINGSTAR T6 7-8 seater cheap minibus for sale issued PND recently

13rd, Dec 2020, KINGSTAR issued the product discontinuance notice as to the T6 7-8seater cheap minibus for sale. This mode of T6 KINGSTAR minibus is specially customized according to the customer’s requirement. The first batch of the T6 KINGSTAR minibus was sold to Peru. Export quantity is 50 units as the first lot. It was popular and gradually up to 500units each year. The advantage is the price is cheap, and functional good at the same time. Later on, it promoted to many countries such as Peru, the Philippines, and Bolivia. It became the hot sell and reach over 1000units export quantity each year.

cheap minibus for sale

The new cheap minibus for sale will be greater in price and better functional.

However, considering the upgrading of the function and follow the progress of trend, from the end of 2020, KINGSTAR will promote a new model of a cheap minibus, and issued a Product Discontinuance Notice. The new cheap minibus for sale will be greater in price and better functional. The new mode KINGSTAR minibus will be coming soon!

Believe that the future new model of a minibus with new power will have much more advantages. When put into use, will bring a new green, high-quality travel experience for citizens, and promote a new chapter of green travel for public transport. In nowadays, the rapid technological improvement especially in the vehicle area. Technology is changing every day. Autonomous driving technology, unmanned driving technology, environmental applications, the fast progress of solar energy, electric energy, and other new energy in the application of automobiles. All these facts enable us to embrace the bright tomorrow.

Let’s wait and see!

cheap minibus for sale



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