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How interest for different pattern in China city bus and overseas

A city bus is a very popular way of mass transportation.  Let’s see the situation about double-decker bus, articulated bus and low-floor bus in overseas and China city bus.

China city bus

With the development of urbanization and motorization, the urban population and region are increasing so that the demand for public transport is increasing rapidly. It requires public transport enterprises to invest more buses.  According to the statistics that the urban population has 0.6 vehicles per 10,000 people, the existing China city bus is about 264,000 vehicles. The quantity will reach at least 630,000 vehicles by 2010 with an average annual increase of at least 30,000 to 40,000 vehicles. Moreover, an average annual increase of 55,000 vehicles.  Most of China city bus is especially for meeting the transportation needs of people at the grass-roots level. It is cheap and creates good transportation for people and office workers.

General China city buses aim to provide maximum passenger capacity. Most spaces are with seats, passages and other spaces are also for passengers to stand.

1. Double-decker bus

The carriage is divided into two floors which can carry more passengers. A 10-meter-long single-decker bus that allows enterprises can carry about 60 passengers. While a double-decker bus of similar length can carry about 130 passengers.  Double-decker buses are widely used in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, and Mumbai.  Among them, the Routemaster car that has served in London since the 1950s has become the landmark of the city.  Some double-decker buses do not have a roof on the upper floor for tourists to board and browse the scenery along the way. It is called “open-top buses”.  Hong Kong also has an open-top bus for connecting the Peak Tramway Station to Central.  The Taipei City Bus Office in Taiwan Province once purchased double-decker buses. While no longer purchased because of vehicle height and other problems.

2. Articulated buses

Some buses will increase the length and passenger capacity with two bodies, a telescopic joint position (similar to the connecting part between train cars). It will be added between the two bodies to assist steering.  These buses, called hitchhiking buses, are quite popular all over North America.   Chinese mainland called “articulated car”, “aisle car” or “dragon car”.   This kind of China city bus is very common in Beijing and Chengdu. 

In the mid-1980s, a domestic bus manufacturer produced the first “Double Hinged China city bus” in China. With a length of 23 meters and mass production.  It has in application of many bus lines in Shenyang and Dalian for a long time.  European manufacturers have produced “double hitch buses” and “double hitch buses” in recent years.  The longest bus in the world is 26.8 meters walking in Brazil is a double-articulated bus.  China has also produced a double-articulated China city bus with a length of 25 meters.

3. Low-floor buses

This kind of bus became popular at the end of the 20th century.  Compared with the old buses, the platform of cars is closer to the road surface and there are no steps.  The whole car with the low platform is a low-floor bus. While the second half car with two or three steps and the first half car with the floor is a low-entrance bus.  These buses are with facilities to facilitate passengers with mobility difficulties (such as those in wheelchairs). It shortens the time required for getting on and off the bus.  Low-floor buses are very common in Hong Kong.  Kowloon Bus in Hong Kong took the lead in introducing low-floor buses.  

With the increasing demand for barrier-free transportation in Hong Kong and the opening of the new airport, the government requires all bus companies to use low-floor buses to serve the airport line.  Since then, Hong Kong bus companies have only purchased environmentally friendly low-floor buses.  However, in the Chinese mainland, low-floor/entrance buses are still not popular and only run on individual routes in a few big cities.  Among them, the China city bus ratio of low-floor cars in Beijing is probably the highest in mainland China. It is to meet the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

If you would like to order China city bus, we can provide different types. Such as KINGSTAR C9 34 seat city bus like this.

This front-engine intercity bus is in the contribution of markets of community and passenger transit.  High strength structure and energy-saving technology can realize the requirements of safety and energy efficiency.  The shape design has the advantages of streamline and the wedge shape.  It has a high performance of great adaptation to different road conditions.



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