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Very Fashionable and High-Performance EV Electric Car from KINGSTAR

In the long history of mankind, it has experienced two changes in transportation energy power system. Each of these has brought great changes to human production and life. At the same time also bring a better economy of these leading countries or regions. Today, mankind once again comes to the crossroads of transportation energy power system reform. New energy vehicle also called EV electric car, refers to those vehicles that use fuel as the power source. Integrated vehicle power control and advanced technology of drive to form an advanced technology principle and new structure of the vehicle.

Different types of new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicles included four types HEV (hybrid electric vehicles), BEV (battery electric vehicle) that includes solar electric car, FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle), and other new energy vehicles (such as supercapacitor, flywheel, and other efficient energy storage device).

In November 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued the development plan for the new energy vehicle industry. It requires in-depth implementation of the national strategy for the development of new energy vehicles. To promote the high-quality and sustainable development of China’s new energy vehicle industry, and speed up the construction of a powerful automotive country.

Great performance EV electric car from KINGSTAR

Under the pressure of energy and environmental protection, new energy vehicles will undoubtedly become the development direction of future vehicles. As the trend of new energy vehicles, we KINGSTAR enlarged our products and electric car becoming one of our hot sale models. Today we will share one of our very hot sales and a new model of ED3 with you.

EV electric car

From the exterior, you could tell it is a very fashionable and elegant vehicle. It is a standard 4 seats car, the overall dimension of this electric car is 3,695 * 1,685 * 1,595mm, the wheelbase of the car is 2,410mm. The tires we are using on this car are 185/55 R16. Curb weight is 1,250kg. This car is equipped with a remote control system that can be authorized to start the vehicle. Remotely turn on and off the air conditioner, remotely unlock the lock and etc.

EV electric car

The great performance of the EV electric car

The max speed of the car is ≥120 km per hour, the full climbing maximum gradient is ≥30%. The comprehensive operating range mileage is ≥255km which is a perfect choice for working use during the city. For this electric car, we have fast charge and slow charge; with half an hour your car could have 20%-80% power for urgency. The battery type of this car is a ternary lithium battery, the pack energy density of this car is ≥140 Wh/kg.

The chassis suspension

This is also one of the biggest selling points of this car. The front and rear suspension are using McPherson independent suspension. It is the only car that is equipped with MacPherson independent suspension in the same level of models which attracted a lot of our clients. What is McPherson’s independent suspension? McPherson independent suspension is an important part of the safety structure of the automobile. All the time, the vehicle driving control and comfort are closely related to the suspension system in the chassis structure. And the simplicity and complexity of the suspension structure also directly determine the level of automobile manufacturing cost. McPherson suspension has good responsiveness and handling, with simple structure, small footprint, lightweight, suitable for the placement of large engines and small car body.

The color of the EV electric car

We have blue, green, red, purple, silver, white, and light green color for your consideration.

If you are interested in this EV electric car, please feel free to send us your inquiry.

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