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Most popular minivan from KINGSTAR Y6 7-16 seats

Light bus can be used as a tool vehicle, whether it is a commuter bus or a VAN-standard van.  There are five sizes.  Short axis and low top, 5000*2000*1990, wheelbase 3000mm.  Mid-short shaft mid-top, 5350*2100*2350, wheelbase 3300mm.  The long axis has a high top of 5750*2150*2700 and a wheelbase of 3500mm.  The extended shaft top is 5950*2200*2750, and the wheelbase is 3700 mm.   Our KINGSTAR Y6 7-16 seats minibus belongs to the last one.  Size is 5915 x 2040x 2632, 3665mm wheelbase.  It is most popular minivan with excellent design, comfortable and spacious internal structure, European safety protection level.

Most popular minivan

1. Excellent design for the most popular minivan

The face is calm and atmospheric, without losing the simplicity and fashion of modernity. Headlight lines and car body features are perfectly coherent, and front face lines echo each other very well, with coordinated proportions.

Simple lines, classic grilles and business atmosphere come to the fore, enhancing the professional temperament and pragmatic spirit of drivers and passengers.

2. Comfortable and spacious internal structure

Sufficient overhead space eliminates the tiredness of long-distance travel and allows you to focus on enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way.

3. European safety protection level

The world-renowned Austrian ECS company provided this for the most popular minivan with the whole system optimization review and adjustment including transmission, steering, suspension, braking, etc.

Safety and performance testing under extreme conditions proves that this minivan can ensure reliability, including hot region, plateau, and cold region.

All-round active and passive protection technology, reversing radar system, ASB+EBD electronic body stabilization system, and high-strength steel welding always protect passengers’ safety and let you enjoy the journey.

Most popular minivan

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