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CKD project for VF4 auto minivan 7-8 seats in Nigeria started smoothly

Demand for 7-8 seats mini van is big.  With the continuous development of the national “the belt and road initiative” initiative. Our factory actively responded to the national call and implemented the “going out” strategy. Nigeria, as the most populous country in Africa, has the largest economy in Africa. Furthermore, Nigeria is one of the most important markets of VF4 auto minivan 7-8 seats from our factory in Africa now.

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1. The backbone from our factory went to Nigeria to implement the CKD project.

After the first vehicle by CBU was shipped to Nigeria in 2019. VF4 auto minivan 7-8 seats have established a good reputation in the local area. And with the development of Nigeria’s economy, the demand for micro-bus has increased sharply.

After comprehensive consideration, our factory accelerated the layout. In September, the deputy head of the overseas sales department led a team to Nigeria with the backbone of technology, production, and after-sales to implement the VF4 auto minivan 7-8 seats CKD project.

auto minivan

After the team arrived in Nigeria, they immediately started the project construction. They were on standby 24 hours a day and worked overtime. It only took 7 days to complete the equipment erection, welding machine, and power distribution cabinet, welding torch installation, fixture installation, trolley unpacking installation, and final assembly coating. Install various spreader pallets to make. And then to strive to complete the first vehicle off the assembly line before National Day.

2. The CKD project has received great attention from the local government.

On September 20, Lagos time, the Nigerian Police Inspector General, accompanied by Anambra State leaders, IVM chairman, and local well-known entrepreneur representatives visited auto minivan 7-8 seats CKD welding production line in Nigeria.

auto minivan

The Deputy Director of Our Factory’s Overseas Sales Department introduced the entire production line to the guests. After the visit, the Chief Police Inspector said that this is the most advanced welding production line in Nigeria. He expressed full confidence in the big sales of our products in Nigeria. Meanwhile, hoped to adapt our factory to introduce advanced production technology to Nigeria to improve the level of automobile manufacturing in Nigeria.

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