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Trading Auto Special Investigation for Cheap Mini Buses

On the afternoon of March 2, the leaders of the Provincial Administration Affairs Bureau made a special trip to our factory to conduct special investigations.  There are high-quality, cheap mini buses and mini trucks.

High evaluation

cheap mini buses

Dozens of people from the research team first visited the four workshops of stamping, welding, painting. Also the final assembly of the auto factory. Then learned in detail about our factory’s production, equipment and process flow, and production capacity. For various models, including high, I have a comprehensive understanding of quality and cheap mini buses. And have carried out a test drive on electric vehicles with great interest. I personally experienced the vehicle performance of new energy vehicles. Afterward, I visited the 400 data service after-sales platform. Including high-quality and cheap mini buses, to get a deep understanding of the positioning function of the new energy vehicle system and the management of the after-sales service network-related data, and gave a high evaluation. 

cheap mini buses


Finally, the group came to the meeting room on the second floor, watched our factory’s promotional video. Also watched the high quality and cheap mini buses, and organized a special symposium. Inspector Li Shijun first introduced the purpose of this investigation. He said that the main purpose of this visit was that the provincial government resolved the “last mile” problem of official travel in order to ensure the efficiency of township services. This is in line with the purpose of promoting products and practicing a strict economy. The government plans to use new energy vehicles in the form of “rental purchasing” to open up a path of government-enterprise cooperation and win-win cooperation.

The group will fully support and actively promote this cooperation.

Wang Yingjie, Director of the Public Vehicle Division of the Provincial Administration of Government Affairs, has put forward four specific opinions on the special models. Also he performance of new energy official vehicles in view of the special topography of Shanxi townships. Cai Yong, the deputy dean of the Engineering Research Institute of Our factory, gave a detailed explanation of the requirements put forward by the leaders. Wang Jingyu, deputy general manager of the automobile business department, described the development history and achievements of our factory. He is hoping to get more help from the government to “add firewood and fire” to the development of new energy vehicles.

The chain drives the overall economic development. Group executive vice president Ma Shuai expressed his gratitude to the provincial government for its trust in our factory. Also expressed the affirmation of the development pattern of the new energy industry. Government-enterprise cooperation is also of great significance to our factory. The group will fully support and actively promote this cooperation.

cheap mini buses

It is reported that the research team will go to the relevant counties and districts to continue the investigation. The team will fully grasp the specific situation of grassroots official vehicle equipment management. Moreover to study the feasibility of promotion of new energy official vehicles in towns and townships, including cheap mini buses.



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