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Chance for mini bus 2020 in Vietnam automobile market

How about the situation in the Vietnam automobile market?  What’s chance for mini bus 2020?

The potential market of automobile in Vietnam

Per Vietnam’s Saigon Liberation Daily, Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia undergoing strong transformation.  It is also a market with great potential for domestic and foreign investors, including the automobile market.

The selling data of automobile

After the Vietnamese government gave auxiliary registration fees to all kinds of automobiles assembled, the purchasing power of the market has been improved. Specifically, sold 27,252 vehicles nationwide in Sep. 2020, up 32% from August.  Sold out 33,254 vehicles in October, up 22% from last month. What’s more, 36,359 vehicles were sold in November, up 9% from last month.  There were included mini bus 2020 among these sold vehicles.

The import status of automobile in Vietnam

Vietnam “Vietnam+” reported on June 22, and the General Administration of Customs of Vietnam announced that in the first five months of this year, Vietnam imported over 65,700 original vehicles, with an import value of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, and the quantity and amount increased by 78% and 83.1% respectively.  Among them, there are about 9,400 original vehicles imported from China, which is 5.5 times higher than the 1,400 cars in the same period of last year.  The vehicles imported from China are mainly special vehicles (about 5,600) and trucks (2,840).

Therefore, analysts said that since the end of 2020, Chinese-made vehicles have gradually poured into Vietnam with various styles.  Vietnam mainly imports coaches and trucks from the country.  In 2020, more than 7,400 Chinese vehicles will be imported into Vietnam.  In addition to commercial vehicles, Chinese-made minibusses with less than nine seats are also favored by the Vietnamese market because of their beautiful shape design and favorable price.  That will be a great chance for mini bus 2020 to enter Vietnam more and more.

8-11 seats minibus from KINGSTAR

Among our range, we would like to recommend KINGSTAR VW5 8-11 seats mini bus 2020 to you. 

You can get some information about the mini bus 2020 quickly based on the picture below.

mini bus 2020

Specification for the mini bus 2020 from our factory is as follow.

Overall Dimension(L*W*H, mm):  4,490×1,610×1,900

Wheelbase(mm):  3,050

Tread (F/R, mm):  1,386/1,408

Total Weight(kg):    2,110

Curb Weight(kg):    1,206

Min Turning Diameter(m): 11.9

Max. Speed(km/h):     ≥120

Minimum Clearance ( mm):     125

Gradability (°)/(%): ≥30

Engine Model:     LJ4C15Q

Fuel type:     Gasoline

Displacement (L):      1.5L

Maximum output(KW):       82

Maximum torque(Nm/rpm):       138 / 3,500~4,200

Emission Standard:    Euro V

Cylinder number: 4

Cylinder arrangement: Inline

Transmission:      5MT

Suspension:  Front McPherson independent suspension, rear leaf spring independent suspension

Brake System:     Front disc and rear drum hydraulic brake

Steering:       EPS

Wheel and Tyre: 175/ R14C

If you are planning to a market minibus in Vietnam, our KINGSTAR VW5 8-11 seats mini bus 2020 is a good choice.  Waiting for your feedback. 



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